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Advertising Blurbs – GameCube:
    THQ goes off the beaten path with the wildly popular high-speed miniature cars. No simple racing game, Hot Wheels' Nintendo GameCube debut will be an ambitious mission-based combat-racing adventure.

    The all-new backstory has a street-racing gang terrorising Monument City. Players must put their driving skills and cool chariots to the ultimate test to destroy the trafficking troublemakers and restore peace.

    The lead-footing action zooms across 30 missions in six sprawling levels. Monument City's highway highlights include huge loops, hidden short cuts and jumps of the sort that make your stomach go all queasy. The game will feature more than 35 authentic Hot Wheels cars.

    Be sure to check back at for more details as the game's launch date approaches.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Oct 02, 2005. – Nintendo GameCube:

    Just think: no sections of track to lose!

    Gravity defying loops and spectacular crashes. All in a days work for Hot Wheels.

    Explore vast environments and perform insane stunts in this mission-based racer featuring 30-plus authentic Hot Wheels cars.

    A gang of street-racing villains has overrun Monument City, and now it's up to you to park 'em for good. A series of 14 single-player missions will challenge you to complete a variety of gang-busting missions in the five environments. Pull off wild stunts, deliver items, speed through huge loops, smash windows and crates, find hidden shortcuts or simply run the scofflaws off the road.

    You can choose one weapon before a mission and collect Oil Drums, Laser Cannons and others once you're out on the streets. Among the more unusual of the dozen weapons are Ripper Wheels, sharp blades that protrude from your wheels, Roman chariot-style.

    Game Modes

    Other modes include Challenge, Drag Racing and Battle. Challenge mode offers 18 different contests in which you must collect a certain number of items and cross the finish line before time runs out. Completing the challenges will earn you new Hot Wheels cars, tracks and power-ups. The objective arrow isn't always reliable.

    Drag Racing is a simple race for the checkered flag for up to four players. There are many shortcuts to discover, but the emphasis is on fast driving, with careful exploration taking a back seat. A map shows your location, but THQ has omitted a position indicator that lets you know if you are leading or in dead last.

    The Battle mode is packed with excitement, especially when four friends go head-to-head. Each of the eight unlockable arenas ensures plenty of high-flying collisions. The much sought-after power-ups are littered throughout the arenas and regenerate slowly after they are picked up.


    Hot Wheels collectors will relish the 30-plus carefully rendered cards, complete with colorful paint jobs. The levels are bright and adventuresome, but lack detail. You can unlock bonus cars by connecting to Hot Wheels Velocity X for the Game Boy Advance via a Game Boy Advance Game Link cable.

    Hot Wheels Velocity X is a fun adventure game for fans of the toys.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Aug 12, 2005.
    Es gibt die Redewendung "klein, aber oho". Wer auch immer diese Redewendung erfand, hatte sicher keinen Wahnsinns-Fernsehen im Breitwand-Format! Aber klein und perfekt geformt beschreibt die Hot-Wheels-Autos haargenau, und in Velocity X übernimmst du dann das Steuer der Miniatur-Boliden, um Monument City vor einigen niederträchtigen Fahrzeug-Schurken zu beschützen. Genau wie die Mini- Autos aus dem echten Leben, kannst du ihre virtuellen Gegenstücke in Hochgeschwindigkeits-Steilkurven schicken und verrückte Loopings veranstalten, wie es nur mit den Hot Wheels möglich ist. Verändere dein Auto mit futuristischen Waffen und versinke in der Story bis zu ihrem wahnsinnigen, zerstörerischen Ende. Das einzige, was fehlt, ist deine Katze, die nun nicht mehr hinter den Rennautos her jagen kann!

  • Über 45 authentische Hot-Wheels-Autos zum freischalten und fahren

  • 30 tödliche Missionen, ausgebreitet über 6 enorme Levels

  • 15 offensive und defensive Power-Ups, die es in der komplett zerstörbaren Hot Wheels-Welt zu entdecken gilt

  • Drei Mehrspieler-Modi - Head to Head, Battle Mode und Stunt Challenge

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Sep 18, 2004.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:


    Criminal racing gangs, gravity-defying stunts, huge loops, insane speeds, spectacular crashes, driving up walls and an arsenal of weapons... Can you handle a typical Hot Wheels day?

    An arsenal of weapons to blow the enemy away!

    Speed through huge destructible 3-D worlds!

    Pull off insane stunts and catch huge air!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69396) on May 20, 2003.