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Hotel Giant (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Hotel Giant Credits


Development Director & Game DesignTrevor Chan
ProgrammingChu Tim Kin, Eddy Chan, Eugene Leung, Fung Chin Pang
Additional ProgrammingGilbert Luis, Kenneth Mo, Marco Yuen, Terry Tai
ArtworkChris Whitehouse, Anthony Ferrandiz, Michael Au, Sober Yao, Joan Wang, Maik Li, Humphry Zhou, Lin , Zero Zhu
Additional ArtworkPauline Zhang, Myring Meng, Sunny Sun, Joseph Lu, Pinky Lee, Slayer Wang, Douruimi Wong
ResearchChris Whitehouse, Peony Kiu, Maggie Chim
Documentation & Game TextAlan Doyle, Chris Whitehouse
TestingYue Tsz Hei, Ling Hoi Man, Leung Chun Wah, Cheng Ka Hang, Sae-Fong Surathin, Siu Ho Yin, Chan Ming Ko
Music & SoundtrackFabian Del Priore, Markus Holler
Production SupervisorBoris Kunkel
Executive ProducerRalf C. Adam
Assotiate ProducerTami Otto
Development Marketing ManagerReinhard Döpfer
QA ManagerGregor Wilkenloh
Lead TestersTom Haut, Thorsten Röpke
TestersGerrit Hansen, Silas Katzenbach, Thorsten Schäfer, Alexander Skrinjar, Tai von Keitz, Daniel Kociok, Marc Reinfelder
Product ManagerGero Döring
Marketing & PR ManagerEsther Manga
PR‑AssistanceJürgen Kroder
Head of DevelopmentErik Simon
International Production & Purchasing DirectorFritz Neuhofer
International Marketing ManagerGeorg T. Klotzberg
Product ManagingKay Grünwoldt
Localisation ManagerNikolaus Gregorcic
Graphic ArtistPeter Bardeck
Special thanks toPia Lehmann, Daniel Maier, Tobias Franz, Thomas Böcker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Genki (1818)