Hotline Miami Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Introduction to the first mission
Here the controls are explained.
A meeting with the bosses
Inside Richard's apartment where every mission starts.
You receive the next mission through your phone.
Hop into the car and you're on your way.
He has been killed with a baseball bat.
Richard pukes after having to kill.
Mission results
Mission rating
A new mask has been unlocked.
A short scene in a store after a mission
Choose a mask before starting the mission and receive a perk.
He can't see me yet, because the door is still closed.
One more guy left and he is busy in the restroom.
Moving on through an apartment.
Dogs also need to be killed.
A strange situation where a man is tied to an explosive device.
A new weapon has been unlocked.
Once you draw attention, it can become quite hectic.
A meeting with a janitor (modeled after one of the developers).
Only the boss is left in the restroom.
Boss fight
In a disco
Once you find some letters the puzzle can be arranged.