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House M.D. (Collector's Edition) (Windows)

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House M.D. (Collector's Edition) Credits

Developed by Glyphic Entertainment, LLC

PresidentG. R. Moore
CEOG. R. Moore
ProducerG. R. Moore
DesignG. R. Moore
ProgrammingBrandon Beck, Robert Crosby, Tim Mellish, Daniel Moore, G. R. Moore
Additional ProgrammingMike Barela, Philip Harvey
Art ProducerJennifer Roland
Art CreationRachel Britton, Renee Britton, Evan Brooks, Matthew Cassidy, Robert Crosby, Dominic DeRose, Jennifer Roland
MusicJonathan Geer, G. R. Moore
SoundJonathan Geer, G. R. Moore
Scenario DesignBrandon Beck, Robert Crosby, Dominic DeRose, Tim Mellish, Daniel Moore, Jennifer Roland
TestingBrandon Beck, Robert Crosby, Dominic DeRose, Tim Mellish, Daniel Moore
Special ThanksITT Technical Institute

Legacy Interactive

PresidentAriella Lehrer, Ph.D.
CEOAriella Lehrer, Ph.D.
Executive ProducerCraig Brannon, Ph.D.
ProducerJonathan Cooperson
Associate ProducerGenaro Avila
Lead Game DesignJonathan Cooperson
Additional Game DesignAlchemic Productions, Genaro Avila, Phillip Campbell
StoryArie Kaplan
DialogArie Kaplan
Additional Video ByJoshua D. Boden, in association with Hollow V Productions
Additional Photography ByJoshua D. Boden, in association with Hollow V Productions
Quality Assurance ManagerMarc Maraya
Quality AssurancePaul Dion, Kris Kauthen, Farhan Mohammed
SalesNick Marchesini, Lisa Haasbroek
MarketingNick Marchesini, Lisa Haasbroek
AccountingChihhang Wang
Special ThanksDonald E. Marshall, Ryan Modjeski, Charlie Duldulao

NBC Universal

Vice President, Digital Platforms GroupBill Kispert
Sr. Manager, Interactive GamesGary Lokum
Sr. Director, Business and Legal AffairsKam Naderi
SVP, DVD, Music and Consumer ProductsKim Niemi
Manager Product DevelopmentNeysa Gordon
Manager Production ServicesSteve Coulter
Director of Drama Development UMSCharlie Andrews
Universal Network Television - Executive ProducerPaul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs, David Shore, Bryan Singer, Thomas L. Moran, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Lindsey Jaffin
Special ThanksTommy Paul, Ed Prince

Character Actors

GLOBETROTTINGDavid M. Felden (Henry Richter), Leslie Wallace (Gwen Walton), Michael J. Sekol (Ronald), Mark E. Thompson (Camera Man and Sound Guy), Christopher Riblet (Paparazzi), Jillian Janiel (News Reporter One), Robert C. Kirkpatrick II (News Reporter Two), Kenneth W. Moore III (Hallway Extra), Thomas Ruggieri (Hallway Extra), Katie Stambaugh (Hallway Extra)
BLUE MEANIEKatherine G. Foster (Lana Topal), Amanda Nichols (Claire Kustra), Dominic DeRose (Russell Parnello), Shane Suehr (Paxton)
SKULL AND BONESJoe Marzano (Trevor Vallot / Andy Vallot / Fratboy Extra), Janice Flynn (Whitney Vallot), Kaitlyn Christenson (Emily Velasquez), Kenneth W. Moore III (Darren / College Freshman / Fratboy Extra), Andrew E. Wallace (Leon), Stacy Lineman (Allison), Katie Stambaugh (Sales Woman), Robert Armstrong (College Freshman / Fratboy Extra), Dominic DeRose (College Freshman), George Tabet (College Freshman / Fratboy Extra), Evan Brooks (Trevor Arm Double), Tim Mellish (Fratboy Extra), Thomas Ruggieri (Hallway Extra), Cameron Jones-Miller (Matthew Alexander Lennix), Valerie Wicks (Jennifer Lennix)
CRASHEDMadison Christie (Paula Tennyson), Ashley Wymer (Shelly), Dorothy Landon (Julie Tennyson), Andrew E. Wallace (Grover Tennyson), Christina Christie (Aunt Rose), Takuji Kuramoto (Coach Kwong), Jason Sanders (Stephen 'Stripe' Dante), Evan Brooks (Ian), Dominic DeRose (EMT), Chastity Weimer (EMT)
UNDER THE BIG TOPMark Hartburgh (Richard Kipling), Melissa Rich (Lucinda Kipling), Don N. Rodino (Barry the Clown), David Smith (Bertel), Matthew Cassiday (Mitch), Thomas Ruggieri (Guard), Renee Britton (Intern), Jennifer Roland (Intern)
Main CastHugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House), Omar Epps (Dr. Eric Foreman), Olivia Wilde (Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley), Peter Jacobson (Dr. Chris Taub), Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron), Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase), Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy), Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. James Wilson), House M.D. is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios, Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP, All Rights Reserved.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77777)