Written by  :  Andrew Hartnett (2292)
Written on  :  Feb 07, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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A decent railed shooter, Dont expect anything more

The Good

Many people go on about how there is nothing you can do apart from shoot at the 'baddies' but one thing that i liked was that there was no need to walk around for half an hour to find a door or key or get stuck because you couldnt time a jump properly. So you see, I liked being able to just concentrate on shooting at whatever came in my way without the bother of moving.

The Bad

One thing you will notice is there are very few enemies, Zombies and a few others. The end level bosses too are not all that great. The graphics while good in the arcade, felt very dated on my pc. And finally the gore is downright ugly, with the zombies coming at you even after you shoot off their arms. Sick Man.

The Bottom Line

As i noted earlier this is a decent railed shooter and good for a few moments of mindless gore, thats all dont go expecting Half-Life hey or even quake, come to think of it i had a more fulfilling time finishing wolfenstein 3D.