Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles Credits

Developed by Boomzap

Creative DirectorChristopher Natsuume
Technical DirectorAllan Simonsen
CodeAdrian Tung
Design Tun Kai Poh
Additional CodeWong Kong Yew
Additional ArtBen Wong
Additional DesignCameron Sorden, Mayling Tan

Art by Flipside Games

Lead ArtistCaroline Dy
ArtJeffrey de Guzman, Ziv Angelo de Jesus, Jefferson Estrabinio, John Evangelista (Ace), Randell Ramirez, Ryan Orosco
Art ProducerGabby Dizon
Boomzap would like to thankSingapore MDA, IGDA Singapore, Univ. of Washington, Elaine Yap Yue Leng, Wong Hoi Yee, Wendy Ng, Shizuka Natsuume
Music Sound DesignSomaTone Interactive Audio

Published by Encore

Company PresidentJill Griffin
VP MarketingBetsi Gijanto
VP LicensingRichard Lowenthal
Director of EntertainmentDave Worle
Director of ProductionRobert Coshland
Senior ProducerGlennis McClellan
QA SupervisorAndrew Simpson
QA TeamOmar Castillion, Ron Duke, Kevin Callahan, Shawn Sweeney
Logo ArtJames Cunningham
Corporate CounselCarrie Helwig
Encore would like to thankGina Singletary, Miguel Oliveira

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luna Cruz (50)