Hoyle South Beach Solitaire Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is the main menu as shown after the player has signed in and all the developer / publisher logos are out of the way.
The options in the main menu open in new windows that overlay the game screen
The start of the story mode of play.
This is the main game screen. It shows the player's progress through the story which, at this point, has not begun
As the player plays through the game their progress is charted on this screen by the moving card and the development of their house.
Each level starts with a picture, this is the start of level one
This is the first game in the story, it's a simple 'Pick Two' solitaire game played out against a background of the level's starting picture
Every game has a set of rules
Bonuses are awarded during game play. In the early levels they are prominently announced but in later levels they just appear. Extra points are awarded if they are not used.
When the level is complete the score is calculated from a number of components.
There's a bonus indicator in the bottom of the screen which is triggered by fast gameplay. This increases the points scored and rewards speed.
'Points Means Prizes' is an old game show quote. Here it's true as at the end of a completed game the player is given some cash
So not only can the player progress in the story but they can build and upgrade a mansion.
As the player progresses they are able to build a stylish mansion. Extra incentive to try harder
There's a friendly message of encouragement at the end of every game that didn't work out - and there will be a lot of these
The player gets other rewards as they progress such as unlocking additional card backs
In Quick Play mode the player starts with just a few solitaire variations.
As the player progresses through the levels more variations of solitaire become available in Quick Play Mode
The Top Score screen. Scores are recorded for different games in Quick Play mode as well as for the story mode
The start of level two sees the player presented with a new background picture
Game Complete!