Hærfest Credits


ConceptAntony Clariana, Jasper Verbon, Richard Burgess
2DAntony Clariana, Dwight Cornel, Jeroen Matser, Koen van der Sommen, Marcello Gómez Maureira, Marein Könings
3DDwight Cornel, Jasper Verbon, Koen van der Sommen, Marein Könings, Richard Burgess
Art LeadBob Schütze
WorldBob Schütze
Cutscene Animation Erik Verboom
2nd Art LeadIsabelle Kniestedt
Animation LeadIsabelle Kniestedt
ShaderJeroen Matser
AnimationKarim Baz
2D AnimationMarcello Gómez Maureira
Fonts byRay Larabie


Sound DesignMarcello Gómez Maureira


Level DesignBob Schütze
Shader DesignJeroen Matser
Original ConceptMarcello Gómez Maureira
ShaderMarcello Gómez Maureira
Lead Game DesignMarein Könings


ConsoleArnout Boorsma
Lead EngineerDaan Goosen
AudioDaan Goosen
CutsceneErik Verboom
AIErik Verboom, Luc Busser, Tom Maaswinkel
MenuFabian Schouw
Save SystemFabian Schouw
2nd Lead EngineerJeroen Matser
ShaderJeroen Matser
Ability MechanicsTom Maaswinkel


ProducerMarcello Gómez Maureira

Quality Assurance

QA AnalystsChris McEntee, Chi Wong


Story WriterIsabelle Kniestedt
Script WriterIsabelle Kniestedt
Original StoryMarcello Gómez Maureira

Special Thanks

Additional Concept ArtworkAdam Daroszewski
Ludologic ResearchStefano Gualeni

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