Hærfest Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
It takes a while before you can control the bat properly.
Using sonic screech to light the environment and find out where you're flying.
The way out of the house is guarded by a monster.
Parts of the story are told through a book.
Places where you can hide from the hunter are marked in green.
The hunter closes in.
The vastness of the forest can be overwhelming at first.
Without sonic screech it's almost impossible to see where you are going.
This creature is guarding one of your fellow spirits.
When hurt, the edges of the screen glow red.
Parts of the story can be found out by locating fragments from the maiden's diary.
All seems quiet for a change.
Hiding from the hunter inside a wooden structure.
You can trap the hunter for a little while.
I found a boat at the pier.
Exploring a church and the graveyard.
Back to the room where it all started.
Introduction to the third and final level
Start of the last level
Parts of the area are incredibly dense and hard to navigate through.
The maiden is held captive.
Game over