The Humble Bundle Mojam Credits

Fists of Resistance

Made byOxeye Game Studio
Music by the ever so awsomeMattias Häggström Gerdt (aka Anosou ->
Menu music by the less awesome OIEMCTCIP [Oxeye inhouse extraordinary music creation team creating in panic]
A special thank you toColin Laws (for all the help!)
Came up with the nameJonathan Harris (@Kritty_cat)
Sound effects and voice actingCommited by some of the awesome people watching the live stream - but has been omitted here due to time constraints [we got a ton of mails and it's going to take a while to dig out all the names], Hopefully we'll be able to give credit where credit is due eventually.
Sound Credits,,,,,,,,,,,,, Herbert Boland, Richard Humphries, Iwan Gabovitch

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