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The Humble Bundle Mojam (Windows)

The Humble Bundle Mojam Screenshots

Windows version

Catacomb Snatch: Main menu
Catacomb Snatch: Your starting postion. The three items in the game can bought at the bottom when you have the funds.
Catacomb Snatch: Shooting some bats to collect money.
Catacomb Snatch: Putting down the railroad track towards the first barrier.
Catacomb Snatch: placing a bomb to blow up the barrier.
Catacomb Snatch: destroying the yellow blocks as they spawn enemies.
Catacomb Snatch: At this location you can gather resources.
Catacomb Snatch: Putting down a cart on the rails.
Catacomb Snatch: The carts bring back the currency.
Catacomb Snatch: Blowing up another barrier.
Catacomb Snatch: Almost there, I retrieved 60% of the treasure.
Catacomb Snatch: Game Over
Fists of Resistance: Main menu
Fists of Resistance: Start of the game
Fists of Resistance: You can grab the chests and throw them to defeat enemies or to get the coins or health stored inside.
Fists of Resistance: Further exploring the level.
Fists of Resistance: The green chests contain bombs.
Fists of Resistance: Many opponents are killed after the bomb's explosion.
Fists of Resistance: Placing a bomb on a tile to prevent enemies from respawning there.
Fists of Resistance: This chest contained a lot of coins.
Fists of Resistance: A big explosion
Fists of Resistance: Carry the key here to get past the obstacle.
Fists of Resistance: The stairs to the second level
Fists of Resistance: These enemies are a lot stronger.
Fists of Resistance: Game Over