Hunter Hunted Credits (Windows)

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Hunter Hunted Credits


Executive ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
ProducerKen Embery
Designer/DirectorChris Cole
Lead ProgrammerRichard Rayl
Art DirectorBrian Hahn
ProgrammersChris Cole, Jeon Rezvani, Piotr Lukaszuk
ScriptorsCristina Negoita, Richard Tunnell, Jade Rubick, Tony Gentile, John W. Alden, Brian Wright, Christopher K. Singleton, Justin Newman
Conceptual ArtistsDon Carson, Robert Caracol
Character SketchesMarcelo Vignali
3D ArtistsRobert Caracol, John P. Anderson, D.C. Graphics, Douglas Brashear, Robert Caracol, Anthony Lewis, Gerald Harrison, Bruce Searl, Ian Gilliland, Vance Naegle
3D ModelsZygote Media Group, Viewpoint Data Labs
Motion Capture AnimationDigital Artworks
Human Motion CaptureBiovision
Human Motion Capture ActorDonald Hom
Background ArtistsBackus Studio, Kate Alley
Art Department HeadJay Dee Alley
Production ArtistsAndrew Holder, Douglas Brashear, Robert Borth, Frankie Palmer, Barry Drew
MoviesDigital Artworks, James Carey, David Aughenbaugh
Character SculpturesMcGrath Studios, Steve McGrath
Still PhotographyDale Tendick
Sound EffectsKen Rogers, Loudmouth, Sound Ideas
Online DocumentationKevin Lamb (Wordworks)
Writing/EditingEgil G. Gloersen (Layout)
Quality AssuranceDavid Steele (Director), Gary Stevens (Lead Tester), Garrett Turner, John W. Alden, Brian Wright, Sage Freeman, Jackson T. Snellings, Matthew Vincent, Aaron Basey, Trevor Lanz, Ryan Hahn
Game VoicesBill Barrett, Lloyd Brass, Jane Chase
Special Thanks ToSierra's Cry.Sys Team

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rimo (21)