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Hunting Unlimited 3 (Windows)

Hunting Unlimited 3 Windows Main menu


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Hunting Unlimited 3 Credits

SCS Software

Created bySCS Software
ProductionPavel Šebor
ProgrammingMartin Český, Jaroslav Dorňák, Libor Dachs, Brian Fearon, Ondrej Karny, Petr Šebor, Tibor Szabo
ArtOndrej Konrad, Vojtech Lacina, Martin Lisec, Vasek Roznicek, Milan Vavroň
Sound DesignOndřej Matějka
Music BySoundrama, Daniel Sadowski, Joshua R. Mosley
Hunter VoicesJordan Mosley, Adrian Chavez, Cynthia Lee, Karl Varga
TestingCestmir Major
Additional Sound DesignGary Philips

ARUSH Entertainment

Published byARUSH Entertainment
ProducerChris Boxmeyer
President / CEOJim Perkins
VP / CFODean Hoffman
EVP Product DevelopmentDavid Adams
Marketing ManagerDonald Chase
Art DirectorJustin Chornenky
Mission DesignJustin Chornenky, Peter Eckert
ProductionPeter Eckert
QAPeter Eckert, Peter Armstrong


Published / Distributed byValuSoft - division of THQ
Special Thanks to Online Community TestersRob Krijns, Todd Stoflet, Sean Jeffries, Roger Danforth Sr., Flex, Ronald Murky Pace, Scott Yanez, Xcalibur, John McCutcheon, 'DollarBill' James, Steve Felker, Tim Breter, Don Smith, Steve Smith, Tom Shiflet, And other beta testers!

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