Hunting Unlimited Credits (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Hunting Unlimited Credits

SCS Software

ArtJiří Huňa, Marek Krištof, Václav Rožníček, Milan Vavroň, David Zakrzecki, Roman Jirčík
ProgrammingMartin Český, Jaroslav Dorňák, Tibor Szabo, Pavel Šebor, Petr Šebor, Martin Šimůnek, Zbynĕk Vyškovský
MusicGary Phillips
SFXGary Phillips
Production for Sunstorm InteractiveAnthony Campiti, Tom Shiflet

Arush Entertainment

Production (1)Chris Boxmeyer
PresidentJim Perkins
CEOJim Perkins
Executive VP of Product DevelopmentDavid Adams
VP of MarketingKathy Schauer
CFODean Hoffman
Interactive Design ManagerJustin Chornenky
Manager ‑ Corporate CommunicationsDonald Case
Production (2)Amy Searcy, Peter Armstrong
Quality AssuranceTiffany Kronebusch, Absolute Quality Inc.
Special ThanksCovert Ranch -- Cotulla Texas, Hunters Realm -- Beyond the Game, Robert Powell
Thanks to all the online fans for their ideasTimberwolf, Robert Powell ("Rap"), Ron Pavlichek ("Wolverine"), Martin Ouellet ("Carcajou"), Kim Pelletier, Charles Manetta ("Tombstone"), John McCutcheon ("Cutch"), Rich Bongiovanni ("Pegleg"), Scott Yanez, Henry Booth ("Hunter Booth")
Graphics EngineBuilt on Prism3D Technology

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