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I of the Dragon (Windows)

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I of the Dragon Credits

Primal Software

DirectorPeter Petukhov
Director of developmentViachislav Pismennyi
Project LeaderDmitry Zhukov
Internal ProducerPavel Grodek
Game ConceptViachislav Pismennyi
Game DesignDmitry Zhukov
ProgrammingDmitry Lisitsa, Andrey Ekimov, Andrey Mironenko, Konstantin Bogomolov
Story & DialogueDmitry Zhukov, Pavel Grodek
ScriptIlya Solomentsev
Concept ArtBoris Radionov, Oleg Zaharov, Pavel Gorohov, Sergey Suvorov
Level DesignDmitry Vlasov, Boris Radionov, Pavel Gorohov
ArtistsOleg Zaharov, Igor Zaharov, Pavel Gorohov
3D ModelersOleg Zaharov, Igor Zaharov, Boris Radionov, Pavel Gorohov, Dmitry Zhukov, Dmitry Vlasov, Sergey Suvorov
3D AnimationIgor Zaharov, Oleg Zaharov
Music / FXUri Galdstyan, Vadim Kruglov
AccountantGalina Pavlova
TestersOleg Khaghinsky, Igor Babinov, Dmitry Mikhailov, Alexey Platonov, Vladimir Avdeev, Chernova, Boris Galkin, Vladimir Beruchashvily

Financing is being secured by AKNI Inc, USA

PresidentMikhail Pankin

Hosting by IP-TEL CO

DirectorVictor Istratov
Special thanks toInna Abramova

Strategy First Inc.

ProducerEman Wall
Director of MarketingSteven Milburn
Graphic Design ManagerLes Parsons
Graphic DesignMartine Bélanger
Customer SupportBrock Beaubien
PresidentDon McFatridge
Senior V.P.Brian Clarke
V.P. Creative DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V.P. SystemsDave Hill

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