Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen
Main menu
Choose your team
The story begins with the herd walking around...
...and discovering a treasure
Unfortunately, the pirate crew is also after it
Each event shows some explanation on a loading screen
Slip Slide event
A racing game cliche?
Event results
Herd wins the round
There are cutscenes between each event
Style Jump event
You have to press the keys shown as quickly as possible do some tricks
This time crew wins
Shell Slide event
Prehistoric plumber event
Mountain Drift event. Go Granny go!
Granny did good
Coconut slingshot event
Glacier Hopping event
Bob-Smasing event
Scrat Cannon event
Ice Smash event
Finally, the herd gets the treasure
Freeplay - event select menu
Unlockables menu
Unlockables are actually just stills from the movie
The crew
Playing as the other party (the crew)
Title screen (Russian version)
Main menu (Russian version)
Freeplay - event select menu (Russian version)