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Ice Cream Tycoon (Windows)

Ice Cream Tycoon Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (demo version)
The game's main menu. Nice big colourful icons and a pleasant background tune
The cog wheel icon brings up this customisation menu
The managerial part of the game (demo version)
The face icon brings up the high scores table. It is possible to both update the on-line scores and download the current on-line high scores table
Selling ice cream to customers (demo version)
Ice creams? No stock.
The beginning of the queue
This is a game screen in tutorial mode. Each icon allows the player to view stats, buy more ice cream, update this transportation etc. Helpful information when each icon is selected
Starting a new game. The first task is to enter the ice cream company's name.
Queue grows
bike trailer with ice cream - company's new purchase
Playing in Story Mode - the mission is to build up the company's reputation
Town's new district
The main game screen. Initially the only location available is 'The Suburbs'. Other locations become available as the player progresses
No customers there :(
Before the player can sell ice cream they must first buy some. Not all varieties are available to start with. More become available as the player progresses
An in-game shot. The character walks around a preset route and kids come out to buy ice cream. If they are happy there's a smiley blue face and the number of satisfied customers increases
No cash to buy new car
Here the seller did not have the ice cream that the kid wanted.
The missions are different in Arcade Mode
Yes - Ice cream is sold in the rain. By using the 4x speed up the seller really zips around the screen