Icewind Dale II Credits (Windows)

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Icewind Dale II Credits

Black Isle Studios

Lead DesignerJoshua Eric Sawyer
DesignersChris Avellone, Stephen Bokkes, John Deiley, Damien Foletto, Robert Holloway, David Maldonado
Technical DesignersRonald E. Austin, Scott Everts, David Hendee, Primo Adriano Pulanco, Jason G. Suinn
PresidentFeargus Urquhart
ProducerDarren L. Monahan
Associate ProducerDouglas W. Avery
Line ProducerKevin Osburn
Audio and Localization ProducerFred Hatch
Division Operations ManagerBenson Russell
WebmasterJessica Urquhart
Lead ArtistsTimothy Donley, Pete Meihuizen
CinematicsAaron Meyers
Cinematic IllustrationsJustin Sweet, John Dickenson
ArtistsAaron Brown, Eric Campanella, John Dickenson, Hector Espinoza, Derek Johnson, Jason Manley, Brian Menze, Aaron Meyers, Dennis Presnell, Justin Sweet
Lead ProgrammerBernie Weir
ProgrammersDave Boulanger, Danien Chee, Richard Finegan, Thomas French, Robert Holloway, Darren L. Monahan, Chad Nicholas
Additional Programming byJacob Devore, Jim Gardner
Sound & Music SupervisionAdam Levenson
Sound Design & EditingFrank Szick, Adam Levenson, J. P. Walton
MasteringFrank Szick, J. P. Walton
Additional EditingChris Borders, Scott Purvis
MusicInon Zur
Music Recorded & MixedDori Amarillio
Audio ScriptingJ. P. Walton, Frank Szick
VO Direction/Casting/SupervisionChris Borders, Fred Hatch
VO TalentEarl Boen, Carlos Carrasco, Terrence C. Carson, Gabrielle Carteris, Moe Daniels, Grey DeLisle, Charles Dennis, Greg Eagles, Brian George, J. D. Hall, Vanessa Marshall, Iona Morris, Joe Nipote, Kathleen Noone, Jack Roth, Kath E. Soucie, Peter Stormare, Mari Weiss
VO Recorded atSMS Studios
VO Recording Engineering (SMS)Ernie Sheesley
VO Recording Assistant (SMS)Lisa Carlon, Eric Lewis
Audio Operations ManagerGloria Soto
Cinematics mixed at Interplay Entertainment in Stereo byAdam Levenson
Senior Video ManagerDan L. Williams
Senior Media Producer/EditorDavid Cravens
Media Producer/EditorChristopher Folino
CompressionistsAaron Meyers, Scott Everts
Cinematic compression and playback with Bink Video byRAD Game Tools Inc.
QA Special Projects ManagerEric Fong
QA Operations ManagerShanna Lynne Takayama
QA Product ManagerJoshua Grant
Multiplayer LeadJeff Husges
Associate Product ManagerAlbert Perez Jr.
QA AnalystsJohn Boomershine, Bradford Dutton, Robert Evinger, Eric Good, Justin Hamilton, Robert Hanson, Edward Hyland, Joseph Isip, Michael Los, Erick Lujan, Jeff Mitchell, Matthew Monaco, Matthew Panepinto, David Peters, Charles Salzman, Gary Tesdall
Compatibility TechnicianDerek Gibbs, Joshua Walters
BIS QA TestersChris Heidari, Tex Yang
Marketing ManagerMargo Engel
Associate Marketing ManagerMichael Greene, Tamara Johnston
Public Relations ManagerHeather Greer
Marketing CoordinatorPaige Slaughter
ManualChris Avellone, Michael Greene
International Product ManagerThomas R. Decker
International Services/Localization ManagerRafael López
German EditorOlaf Becker
French EditorCarole Huguet
Spanish EditorRafael López
French Translation / VOAround The Word
German Translation / VOUwe Körner, Ulrich Mühl
Italian Translation25 Edition
Italian VOProject Synthesis
Spanish Translation / VOPink Noise
Thanks toThe D&D team and everyone at Wizards of the Coast, R. A. Salvatore, Ryan and everyone at Snowblind Studios, John Van Deusen (from Snowblind Studios for the bugbear model), Ray and Greg and Everyone at BioWare, Joshua Grant (and the very dedicated and hard-working Quality Assurance department at Interplay), Most of all to our illuminated patrons
Manual, Layout & Design (US)Cheryl Sweeney

German Version

Marketing ManagerChristina Binsmaier
PR ManagerMike Hesse
Product ManagerThorsten Hamdorf
Translation Game & ManualMichael Anton, Rolf D. Busch, Daniela Schmitt, Thomas Schmidt, Daniel Schumacher

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