Igor: The Time Machine Credits (Windows)

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Igor: The Time Machine Credits

Igor - The Time Machine

made by:Elmer Productions
in cooperation with:Mireasoft
Programming (& bugs)Maarten Egmond
Intro/Outtro graphics:Karel Donk, Aaron Kyte, Maarten Egmond
Background graphics:Karel Donk
Sprites:Karel Donk, Christopher Violette, Will Decker
Level Designs:Maarten Egmond, Joost de Greef, Johan Bos, Eugeny Gilburg, Henrik Sigstad, Marcel Verbeek, John Li
Storyline and other wired ideas:Maarten Egmond
Sound effects:Maarten Egmond
Intro/outtro music (CD-ROM version only)iO Music Creations
CD-Audio music (CD-ROM version only)Phero, Mark Wheadon (www.mp3.com/bUrt), The Cynic Project, emptie, Martin Lindhe (Bassic www.mp3.com/bassic), The Real Zircon, K A I

With special thanks to

Some original sprites by:Stefan Verheyen, Michael Stopp
Original Igor design:Joost de Greef
Jpeg code kindly supplied by:The Independent JPEG Group
Setup program:Inno Setup, Jordan Russell (http://www.jordanr.dhs.org/)
Translations of original version (Dutch/English):Harm Backer (German)
Ideas, comments, thoughts:Marek 14, And many others...

Sponsored by

Sponsored byS.H. De Bereboot, Esther, Hennes, Linda, Ron, Wilma

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