Igor: The Time Machine Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The splash screen. It's (almost) the first thing you will see when you start the game.
This is the main menu. You can do most things from here. Create players, play levels, check the statistics, start the level editor, play recordings, etc.
This is a simple level (the first you will play). Igor (the robot, in the bottom left) must collect the Datapods (the rainbow colored objects) without getting crushed by the Marbles.
And why were you doing all this again? Of course! To build a Time Machine! Each level contains a piece of the puzzle. Solve all 100 levels and the Time Machine will be yours!
Water isn't necessarily a problem, though Igor can only hold his breath for so long. Good thing you can often find Oxygen Bottles to help you out. (Bad thing there are often Sharks in the water!)
Yes, there are also eggs in the game.
All Guardians on a level must be destroyed before you can finish it.
Photons look like little gingerbread-men. They are not very evil, and always travel in a straight line unless they bounce off a Mirror.
Gray and Black Holes are usually in your way, but they can sometimes be used for conveniently disposing of enemies or other objects that annoy you.
Doors will regularly hinder your progress, while keys will let you through.
This shows part of a level while playing at 1024x768 resolution. As you can see, levels steadily increase in difficulty while you progress.
If you want to create your own levels, you can do that with the built-in level editor. This is great for creative minds. And you can share your levels with friends, family and other people.
In the editor, you can use a special function to view an entire level. It shows how large some levels can be (this isn't a particularly large one) and also reveals the big picture.
This is definately one of the more difficult levels, where lots of objects are used in a single level. And you have to get everything right to finish it. Sit and think on it for a while.