Igor: The Time Machine Trivia (Windows)

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Igor: The Time Machine took over five years to make.

When the project was first started, it was intended to be playable on a 486-66, with 320x200 graphics in DOS. It was written in Pascal. Soon however, it became apparent that it was better to convert the code to C. Next the game was ported to Windows (using DirectX, which had matured by then). When Miraesoft finally offered to help out with the graphics it was also 'upgraded' to 16 bit color and high resolution. In the end, Igor was finished in Borland C++ Builder, using DirectX 7.0.

A lot of times the development slowed down because of lack of support (no people to help with graphics, no people to help with sound effects, not enough people to make levels, etc.) Although development slowed down considerably on these occasions, it never stopped completely.

The original working title of the game was Supaplex 2. The initial development versions used the base sprites from Supaplex, but both name and graphics were changed later on, due to copyrights.

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