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Iji Credits


Game DesignDaniel Remar
ScriptDaniel Remar
ProgrammingDaniel Remar
GraphicsDaniel Remar
SFX/Voice EditDaniel Remar
Music - The Iji SoundtrackChristopher Geehan, Daniel Byrne-McCullough
Music ‑ Boss ThemeTom Mauritzon
Music - Hero 3D Theme: HeroWritten by Machinae Supremacy, Covered by Captain Goodnight
Music - Ending Theme: FurtherWritten by VNV Nation, Covered and performed by LifeForce
Voice ActingAnna Ashabova (Iji), Erik Sjöstrand (Elite Krotera/Komato Annihilator/Komato Beast), Annette Nielsen (Annihilator Iosa/Tasen Elite/Komato Assassin), Ola Holmdahl (Assassin Asha), Camila Dalence (Assassin Ansaksie), Lisa Lenkel (Assassin Ansaksie), Louise Stigell (Assassin Ansaksie), Henrik Engström (Dan/Komato Trooper), Monika Mikucka (Komato Berserker), Miguel Nalvarte (Tasen Commander), Birgitta Johansson (Tasen Soldier), Johannes Helgesson (Tasen Scout)
Testing2005 Ultimortal community, 2005 MaSu community, Eo community
In‑depth TestingAnders Davallius, Annette Nielsen, Anton Grundvall, Audric, Bag, Beoran, Berra, Jonatan Söderström (Cactus), ChevyRay, Chris Laviolette, Erik Sjöstrand, Grashaboras, Henrik Engström, Linus Nordgren, Ola Holmdahl, Oscar Aludden, Pondwater, ReallyJoel, Srehpog, Thomas Ahlström
Special ThanksBeoran, Blender 3D, Mark H. Overmars, Trollis
AlsoCarl Christiansen (voice acting), Jay Stevenson (alpha demo music), Potatismos [music], Radiczor [music], SoulEye [music], For their demos/work/concepts which did not make it into the final game for various reasons

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505899)