Written by  :  Alkali (11)
Written on  :  Nov 06, 2004

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Its the new Chuck Yeager's Air Combat!

The Good

First of all lets talk about the graphics, The game looks stunning and its already 3 years old! There are plenty of missions to do, From dogfighting, Tank busting, Ship bombing. There's also a mission builder so if you get sick of doing the internal missions, you can make your own, Also the realism is also intensive, While dogfighting you can get your plane blown to bits, Fuel leaks!, Flight controls damaged, Engine fires, Its mad!
The one thing i love about this game, Is the cooperative mode, I play this game at LAN gaming session i goto every so often, Its simply that fun. There are also plenty of expansion packs for this game, check out Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion, And the new Pacific Fighters which are all brilliant.

The Bad

There's a few things which i didn't like about this game, and they are:

1) The game has the tendency to lag a bit during multiplayer, Especially in deathmatch levels (None of the patches I've tried have stopped this)

2) You will need a joystick for this game, Its almost impossible to play with a keyboard (you will stall the plane every time).

3) Can sometimes be frustrating when you have to wait 10 min's because you die at the start of a multiplayer mission.

The Bottom Line

You will get hours of entertainment from this game, I would recommend buying the expansions packs, They are really good.