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Im Namen des Gesetzes (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Im Namen des Gesetzes Credits

RTL Enterprises GmbH

Executive ProducerArnold Scheele
Produc ManagementChristian Gaul, Nicole Paierhuber, Barbara Dörr, Tobias zur Weihen
Art DirectionAnke Bück

RTL Television GmbH

EditorMelanie Brozeit, Saskia Berg
Thanks toOliver Funke, Alessandro Riggio, Markus Malti

Electronic Arts Deutschland

DirectorJörg Rohrer
Product ManagerSteffen Ruehl, Sven Schmidt
PRChristian Teichmann

Exozet Games GmbH

Development Director/ ProducerBartol Ruzic
Concept DesignSteffen Sklebitz
ProgrammingKai Uwe Amtage
GraphicsEduard Vetter, Jacek Hano, Sebastian Skowronek
ActorsMariella Ahrens, Wolfgang Bathke, Wolfgang Krewe

Lightfactory D.O.O.

Petar Malic, Ivan Pavlovich, Djordje Nagulov

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Credits for this game were contributed by Thomas Terl (146)