I'm Not Alone Credits (Windows)

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I'm Not Alone Credits

TGC – The Games Company Worldwide GmbH

CEOMarkus Malti, Carsten Strehse
Director Marketing & SalesChristian Sauerteig
Product ManagersMaik Püschel, René Nippa
Head of AcquisitionBenjamin Bezold
International PR ManagerIngo Horn
Business Development ExecutiveKay Bennemann
Sales ManagerVeronika Tomasevic-Sanz
Game Content ManagerHolger Kuhn
Legal DirectorPeer Fischer
Investor Relations ExecutiveKatharina Hoerold
Packaging DesignStephan Maaß
Special Thanks toNancy Lorenz, Jessica Pfefferkorn, Pierre Vinson, Sandra Bednarski, Kirstin Bosc, Frank Herzog, Anne, Noah, Leah

Pix Rev srl

CEOGiuseppe Del Giudice
Executive ProducerBiagio Iannuzzi
Game DesignersMarco Licenziato, Vincenzo Falanga
Art DirectorMarco Licenziato
Game EngineS2 Engine by Profenix Studio
ProgrammersBiagio Iannuzzi, Sirio Salvi, Fabio Di Paola
Additional ProgrammersClaudio Lamanna, Giovanni Belfiore
ArtistsMarco Licenziato, Massimo Di Pinto, Marco Lorenti
Level DesignersMarco Licenziato, Massimo Di Pinto, Marco Lorenti
Additional ArtistAntonio Clemente
Main Character DesignSalvatore Fiore
Text WriterGianpiero Ferraro
Localisation ManagerGianpiero Ferraro
Video Compositing and Post ProductionVittorio Paone
Special Thanks toDaniele Zanfardino, Giuseppe Maturo, Fabio Forte
All voices directed and recorded bySimone Cicconi
All voices directed and recorded at theUNDAtheC Studios
Dialogue texts only translated byPaul Bowley
MusicSimone Cicconi
Sound EffectsSimone Cicconi
VoicesPaul Bowley (Patrick), Jacqueline Goyette (Caroline), Robert Goyette (Lilian Von Gruber)

226 Productions

CEOPavel Elyashevich
Production DirectorYaroslav Anufriev
Business Development DirectorDenis Kholodov
Lead AnimatorAlexandr Ivanov
RiggerOleg Shedrov
Special thanks toSvetlana Kholodova

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159706) and Sciere (506104)