iM1A2 Abrams Credits (Windows)

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iM1A2 Abrams Credits


Executive Producer (iMagic)Ray Rutledge
Design Leader (iMagic)Arnold Hendrick
Battlefield Plans (iMagic)Clinton Adams, Shane Brewer, Jim Harler, S. Craig Taylor
Multimedia Support (iMagic)Robert Stevenson
Sound Effects (iMagic)Robert Stevenson
Additional Art (iMagic)John Dupree
Quality Assurance Internal (iMagic)Joe Allen, Ismini Boinodiris Roby, Shane Brewer, Brian K. Davis VII, Carlin Gartrell, Ben McPherron, Joe Myers, Marc Racine, Bill Stealey, Adam Turner, Ted Wagoner, Brian Wilson
Quality Assurance External (iMagic)Craig Bucklin, Nicholas Caldwell, Chris Carnes, Steven J. Chmura, Frederic Dankoff, Robert Fenner, John Franchek, Will Fuller, Joseph H. Giese, Walt Graham, Chris Helmstetter, Malcolm Roberts III, Mark Kaiser, Robin Kim, David Masten, Craig Mayberry, Cary McCormick, Scott Minnier, Brian Montgomery, David Mountain, Phil Natta, Evan D. Nau, Len Ogden, Dan Osterlund, Jim Pedicord, Mark Perry, Carl Peterson, Bob Piper, Dean Robb, Thomas Spann, Barry Spikes, Michael Subelka, Dwight Woodard, Terry Yingling
Manual (iMagic)Arnold Hendrick
Manual Layout (iMagic)Sarah O'Keefe
Product Marketing Manager (iMagic)David Murray
Technical Consultants (iMagic)Chris Carnes, William Gregor, Tad Tadlock
Producer (Charybdis)Tim Little
Director (Charybdis)Chuck Walbourn
Design (Charybdis)Christine Higdon
Additional Design (Charybdis)James Flores
Art (Charybdis)Nathan Denney
Additional Art (Charybdis)Amy Goldenburg, Justin Owen, Paul Steed, Charles Walker, Leslie Weiler
Vocal Direction (Charybdis)Christine Higdon, Dan Higdon
Programming (Charybdis)Sean Gallagher, Dan Higdon, Chuck Walbourn
Additional Programming (Charybdis)Tim Little
Voices (Charybdis)David M. Bortz, Lisa B. Bryan, Mike Cass, Nathan Denney, Andrew Ellis, Thomas Fowlkes, Robert Kimbro, Reed G. Oliver, Jay Vashi

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Credits for this game were contributed by MaximusG (105)