The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure Credits


Published byDeep Silver, Braingame Publishing GmbH
North American PublisherViva Media LLC


Production ManagementBraingame Publishing GmbH, Axel Ruske
Project Management QA/LocalizationRalf Schmidt
PrintGudrun May, Sarah Ludwig


Idea & StoryRobert Feldhoff
Story & Dialogue AuthorOliver Wronka
Perry Rhodan Consultant & Additional WritingMichael Markus Thurner
Junior Dialogue EditorClemens Dittrich


Team LeaderIgor Posavec
Lead ProgrammerMilan Bulat
Technical DirectorBoris Posavec
Gameplay ProgrammingChristian Kandler, Michael Bach
Visual Arts Director & Mate PaintingSven Sauer
3D Art Director & 3D BackgroundsIgor Posavec
Concept ArtDaniel Igarza, Jelena Kevic
3D Character ModelingToni Simic, Jirka Astonly, Guillermo Oursi
3D DesignAdrian Maleska, Clinton Rowley, Vanessa Kerr, Paul Kramer
Cinematics AnimationPawel Lipka
Character AnimationToni Simic, Michael Bach
Graphics Design & GUIVladimir Maric, Vanessa Kerr, Ambivalenz Ltd
Dialogue EditorChristian Kandler
Cinematics Animation & ProductionSven Sauer, Igor Posavec, Frank Sauer
Trailer CompositingStephen Baumann
2D Trailer AnimationTim Rizzo, M. Ramin Banan
Company ManagementJoachim Schlimpert
Junior ArtistsChristian Kuhne, David Junker
3D Scene TechnicalDejan Jovanovic
Additional ProgrammingMatthias Gabel
Technical DrawingsMark Flek, Obi Oberhofer

Project Consulting and Additional Game Design

Project Consulting and Additional Game DesignKeyfactor

Deep Silver

Marketing Director EuropeGeorg Larch
MarketingMario Gerhold
PressSusanna Mittermaier
Postproduction / MasteringDaniel Gaitzsch
Product ManagementMathias Boxleitner


Original Soundtrack and Music Produced byChristian Steinhauser
ComposerMartin Rosengarten
Technical Supervision & Sound Effects and AmbientsMark Ruske, Jörg Maier-Rothe
1st  AssistantMorgan Jones
MasteringBrian Levin
Additional Sound FX & Voices Recorded byKristen & Schmidt Musikproduktion
Additional Soundrecordings atdb Media
Speakers CastingKristen & Schmidt Musikproduktion, db Media

QA Braingame Publishing GMBH

Lead TesterJessica Telwach
TestersJens Bernstorff, Stephan Dick

QA Quality Four GMBH

Technical DirectorMichael Höhndorf
TestersAndré Blunert, Steven Meinhardt, Sven Rosenkranz

QA Enzyme Testing Labs

Studio DirectorCarolljo Maher
Project ManagerRémy Julita
TestersFranziska Schlosser, Steve Mueller, Jörn Zinsmeister, Manuela Martin, Robert Wetzel, Jeffrey Barnes, Thomas Christopher Mann, François Hamelin

Packaging Development

Packaging DevelopmentOH! Datenservice GmbH
DevelopmentJan Brannolte
Product ManagementMichael Jadischke

Viva Media, LLC

Executive DirectorEve Seber
Graphics and PackagingAnne Marie Burkel
Text LocalizationAngela Dilenno
TestingJoaquin Liguas Jr., Beatrice LaBarge, Ting Lam, Randy Bresil, Ashley Collins
Video EditingAndrea Chen
Sales and DistributionStacy Rachels, Tony Costa


GLFW library byCamilla Berglund
ZLib compression library byJean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler

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Credits for this game were contributed by kwbridge (1536), Jeanne (76599) and formercontrib (159771)