Imogen (Windows)

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Related Web Sites

  • Imogen Instructions, original release (Instructions from packaging of Electron release)
  • Imogen remake homepage (Contains not just the full, /free/, download of the enhanced Windows remake, but also a PDF manual and reams of historical material (remarks, used and unused character and level sketches, hand-written code excerpts) from the original designer's development of the game back in the early '80s.)
  • Imogen Walkthrough (Thorough (step-by-step) instructions for completing every level.)
  • Review of Imogen remake ("aschultz" provides a thorough review of Ovine by Design's remade Windows version of Imogen.)
  • Solution for Imogen - level codes and tips (Vague (most levels get only a sentence or two) suggestions by John Berry toward completing the original BBC Micro release.)

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