Written by  :  weregamer (169)
Written on  :  Oct 23, 2003
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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Too bad the interesting premise is wasted on a generic boring RTS

The Good

The interesting premise, mix-and-matching creatures, could have made a very interesting game. The initial cutscenes were well-made, making the trite and cliche story (not unusual for a game) more interesting.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the "mix and match" creature system is all window dressing, as units are artificially forced into generic roles as melee attackers, missile attackers, or artillery. 90% of possible unit combinations are inferior to the "best" ones, and none allow any really innovative tactics. Not only are unit behaviors not affected by their "ancestry", they aren't even that smart - non-melee units never try to keep the range open, etc. Everything else is about the norm for a RTS game - that is, boring, with tactics dictated by your mouse skills and the only nod to strategy being resource management.

The Bottom Line

Nifty if you want to see interesting creature models. Otherwise yet another (ugh) RTS.