Impossible Creatures Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting the campaign.
The cut-scenes are in black and white, like an old adventure movie.
Loading screen
From the Intro movie: the first contact with an hybrid!
The first splash screen of the game
Gameplay with standard camera
Loading Screen - Player vs Computer Match
Main Menu
Adjusting the Camera, I can see my Henchmen like a FPS!
Army Builder
Flying hybrids guarding a spot
Building an army by mixing animals. There is a lot of stats to take care of.
Joining the Komodo Dragon with the Scorpion in the Combiner and I get the Komodo Drorpion!
This wall of thorns can block AND hurt the incoming enemy creatures
The gyrocopter can be used to scout enemy territory
A close look of the Gyrocopter. Did you see the Henchmen piloting it?
A ranged attack of... tongues?!
A battle from a different point of view
Destroying the enemy lab (the big building in the middle) is the only way to win a match
After a match, you can see a complete report of the combat, including the best creatures.
Some creatures can use ranged attacks
Defence towers uses sonic attack to hurt enemies