In Cold Blood Credits


DirectorCharles Cecil
ProducerSteve Ince
System DesignTony Warriner
ProgrammingJake Turner
System ProgrammingAndrew Boskett, Peter Ellacott, John Payne, Patrick Skelton, Jake Turner, Tony Warriner
Tool DevelopmentAndrew Boskett, Peter Ellacott, Patrick Skelton, David Sykes, Jake Turner
Character AnimationSteven Gallagher, Stephen Oades, Michael Ryan
Location DesignRichard Bluff, Andi Forster, Andrew Proctor
Location DevelopmentRichard Bluff, Andi Forster, Andrew Proctor
Location AnimationRichard Bluff, Andi Forster, Andrew Proctor
Character ModellingAndrew Gibson, Sucha Singh
ImplementationDavid Britnell, Jonathan Howard, Steve Ince, Ben McCullough, Karl Naylor, Steven Porritt, Patrick Skelton, Dale Strachan, Tony Warriner
CutscenesRichard Bluff, Andi Forster, Steven Gallagher, Bob Keen, Nana Louise Nielsen, Stephen Oades, Andrew Proctor, Michael Ryan
Sound EffectsHackenbacker , Jonathan Howard, Ben McCullough
StoryboardsAndrew Gibson, Bob Keen
Character DesignLee Hong, Matthew O'Toole
Story DesignCharles Cecil, Jonathan Howard, Steve Ince, Neil Richards, Dale Strachan, Tony Warriner
ScriptNeil Richards
Project ManagerDavid Sykes
Animation SupervisorStephen Oades
OtherNoirin Carmody, Steven Gallagher
Sound SupervisorBen McCullough
Scenery ScribblingsSteve Ince
Technical ConsultingChris John Jordan, Nick Pelling
Script and Actor DirectorEdward Hall
MarketingNoirin Carmody
Recorded AtFlying Dutchman Studios
Business AffairsNoirin Carmody
In‑house TestingDale Strachan, Charles Cecil, Jake Turner, Steve Ince, Jonathan Howard, Steven Porritt, Tony Warriner, Patrick Skelton, John Payne, Ben McCullough, David Britnell, Karl Naylor, David Ince, Jason Ince, Sucha Singh, Stewart Gilray, Andrew Gibson, Andi Forster, Andrew Proctor, Richard Bluff, Andrew Boskett, Peter Ellacott, Daniel Barker, Sam Turner, Thea Turner, David Sykes, Louisa Denison, Robert Overmann, Katy Boskett, Stewart Boskett, Claire Payne, Becca Gilray
Thanks ToMatt Rignall, Daniel Barker, Mat Topham, Kristian Berry, Ross Hartshorn
ResearcherNana Louise Nielsen
Story ContributionsNeil Richards, Steve Jelley, Michael Judge, Jo Denver
Original CastNikolas Grace (as John Cord), Rhonda Miller (as Chi-Ling Cheung and Alexandra), Patricia Hodge (as Alpha), Constantine Gregory (as Gregor Kostov), David Calder (as Nagarov), David Acton (as Tolstov), David Wrigglesworth (as Lukyan), Issy Van Randwyck (as REMORA)
Cast Female TechniciansPatricia Hodge, Issy Van Randwyck
Cast Male TechniciansNikolas Grace, David Wrigglesworth, David Acton, David Calder, Constantine Gregory
Music Composed & Conducted ByBarrington Pheloung
Music SupervisorHeather Pheloung
Music AssistantDarrin Campon
Performed ByLondon Metropolitan Orchestra
In Cold Blood Song Written and Performed byPat Treacy
Attract Mode MusicJason Page

Ubi Soft Entertainment

European Brand Group ManagerPascal J. Bonnet, Domitille Doat Le Bigot
European Brand ManagerGuillaume Eppe
Local Brand ManagersMichael Thielmann (GER), Gwénaëlle Duault-Boissel (FR), Susie Frevert (UK), Oriol Rosel (SP), Valeria Lodersato (IT), Marcel Keij (NL), Thomas Petersen (SCAN), Carine Pena-Gomez (BEL), Sandra Beaudois, Vera Shah (AUS)
Producers GBJames McDonagh, Lee Keane
Producer FRJean-Bernard Jacon
Localisation ManagersCoralie Martin, Xavier Kemmlein
Project ManagerEmmanuel Guillot
Test Manager WordwideVincent Pâquet
QS‑Manager WorldwideÉric Tremblay
Test Manager CanadaÉric Martineau
Lead TesterEmmanuel-Yvan Ofoé
TestersPatrick Daigle, Martin Tavernier, Alexandre Martel
Localisation TestsEvocati
Translation and Editorial OfficeEvocati
Artistic Direction of LocalisationNathalie Homs
Sound Post‑ProductionHackenbacker

German Version

Voice ActorsVolker Wolf (as John Cord), Ilja Welter (as Chi-Ling Cheung), Isabel Trimborn (as Alpha), Fritz Stavenhagen (as Gregor Kostov), Tom Jakobs (as Nagarov), Frank Meyer (as Tolstov), Maxi Häcke (as Lukyan), Anja Niederfahrenhorst (as REMORA)
Voice Actors Female TechniciansAnja Niederfahrenhorst, Isabel Trimborn, Ilja Welter
Voice Actors Male TechniciansRainer Delwental, Christoph Erpenbach, Philip Schepmann, Hans-Detlef Hüpgen, Thomas Krause, Dieter Maise, Klaus Prangenberg, Jonas Schweitzer-Faust, Luke J. Wilkins, Fritz Stavenhagen, Tom Jakobs, Frank Meyer, Volker Niederfahrenhorst, Hans Holzbecher
Marketing Product ManagerMichael Thielmann
LocalisationFrank Haut, Stefan Dinger, Oliver Jörg
Localisation TestsMatthias Lenz
Script and Direction of Voice RecordingFrank Haut
Sound Engineers of Voice RecordingDieter Krauthausen, Frank Schlusemann
Recorded AtTonproduktion Krauthausen Cologne

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