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Advertising Blurbs (English):

    About This Game

    Prepare for one of the most action packed-shooters in PC gaming history! Every level is full of enemies and targets for you to destroy! In the first game you will battle alien forces intent on wiping out the Human civilization. As a soldier you will use various vehicles and defend vital bases on Earth against the invaders' forces. In the second one you will become a soldier of the alien species and protect your home world from the forces of the Human armada.

    Both games were famous for fast-paced action, hordes upon hordes of enemies and incredible, cool and satisfying gameplay – this pack is perfect both for hard core action shooter gamers and “Sunday school” casuals. Tons of fun included.

    Contributed by jaXen (145531) on Jan 04, 2017.

Rage Software website:

    Every breath they take...............could be your last !

    It wasn't recreation. It was reconnaissance.
    They have visited our planet many times before and all we've been asking ourselves is:
    do they exist?

    Fact is: they know we're here.
    Now they're returning..
    with the intention of staying..
    to make all this their own..
    our land. our lives. our air.

    Designed from the outset to fully utilise the emerging Pentium™II and AGP technologies INCOMING™ offers Land, air and sea arcade action.

    Awesome line-up of military hardware: AT-AT guns, Track Tanks, Sand Crawlers, Hovertanks, Stealth Sea Craft, Attack Helicopters, F22 & S/VTOL Aircraft + Alien fighters - to name but a few.

    • State of the art 3D game environment 65 diverse missions
    • Stunning lighting FX engine 6 spectacular worlds
    • 8 player LAN Network play Full 3D spatial sound support
    • Diverse vehicles and weapons modes Full Force Feedback support

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Nov 12, 2007.

Back of Box - Windows (US):
    Vengeance - Twenty years after the earth was attacked, humanity has created an armada to uncover and attack potential alien threats. They have found your homeworld, and your planet will be next...unless they can be stopped.

    "I honestly have not had this muchwhite knuckled excitement for quite a long time" -

    "Incoming Forces has all that it takes to entrap every shooter fan out there... 84% - very good" -


    _Advanced physics engine that allows life-like motion of objects in real-time and unbelievable gaming environments and weather effects
    _Story driven campaign spanning 10 huge levels unfolding across four worlds
    _Massively destructive weapons including 'fly-by-wire' manually guided missiles
    _Pilot aircraft, tanks, and turrets and switch vehicles on the fly
    _Control wingman and repair and reload vehicles to optimize your attack
    _Full internet and LAN support for intense multiplayer action
    _Supports resolutions up to 1600x1200
    _The sequel to the award winning multi-million unit seller 'Incoming'

    Contributed by Abi79 (361) on May 23, 2006.