Incoming Forces Credits


ProgrammingIan Moran, Roy Bannon, Mark Lyhane, Kevin Edwards, Alex Klimovitski
ArtworkAndy Rixon, Gary Lamb, Paul McHugh, Andy Johnson, Simon Street, Craig Huston, Linda Smith, Steven Cain, Charles Davies, Karen Davies
DesignMarc Jones, Scott Johnson
Level ScriptingPhilip A. S. Robinson, Roy Bannon
Cutscene ScriptingAndy Johnson, Philip A. S. Robinson, Al Paterson
Audio ManagerStephen Lord
MusicJesse Harlin
Sound DesignerAndrew Diey
Audio ProgrammerMatthew Connor
Tools ProgrammingStephen Ward, Mark Lyhane
Quality AssuranceDean Bent, Jody Craddock, Mark Povey, David Dixon, Stuart Williams, Nick Hall, Chris Waring, Stuart Clenton, James Brodie, Gavin Clark, Paul Coles
Project ManagementAlly Noble, John Heap
Product ManagerCheryle Wilkinson
MarketingSimon Lilley, Glen O'Connell
PRSimon Lilley, Glen O'Connell
SalesPhillip Wright, Tony Fitzgerald, Glenn Hayes, David Foster
Manual and Box LayoutKin Yip, Bill Bird

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (174454)