Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (Windows)

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Written by  :  Zorgob (27)
Written on  :  Sep 18, 2002
Platform  :  Windows

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Wow, this is goo... oh never mind... oh Wait!.... never mind

The Good

This game is very back and forth. Whenever there's an action sequence, it's really fun. But then it plunges you into a near impossible puzzle or jump that will drive you insane for hours. However, the inventory items are nice and varied, there are many actions you can perform, the graphics are gorgeous, and the story is excellent.

The Bad

Inexcusable lag tops my list. The game has incredible amounts of lag. It would take a very impressive system to make it move smoothly. It also takes forever to load a level. Second is jumping puzzles. You have to have perfect timing to make some leaps. Third are the maniacally hard puzzles. Sometimes you just have to try pulling on EVERYTHING to solve it, climb everything, and generally waste a good hour on a puzzle. I had to use a walkthrough on almost every level. Fourth, and probably the least annoying, is the difficulty in getting Indy in jussst the right position to do something (i.e: inflating a raft in the water without falling in the water. You need to be riiiight on the edge.)

The Bottom Line

This is a fun game, so it's worth the money. But you should probably have a pretty good system, and a walkthrough. Good graphics and fun gameplay make up for the (many) flaws. 7/10