Indigo Prophecy Credits

Quantic Dream

DirectorDavid Cage
Executive ProducerGuillaume de Fondaumière
Assistant Project ManagerNathalie Chody
Production AssistantCharles Coutier
Engine ManagerChristophe Vivet
Platform ManagersStéphane Bertout, Ronan Marchalot
3D EngineEric Lescop, Vincent Marxen, Jean-Charles Perrier, Frederic Prost
Tools ManagerDamien Castelltort
ToolsNicolas Carré, Florian Delom, Guillaume Gourdin, Nicolas Holleville, Jérôme Jany, Arnaud Mathieu, Vincent Piedeloup, Olivier Bitaud
DesignWilfried Brunet, Guillaume Bonamy
Graphic ManagerChristophe Brusseaux
Lead CharactersThierry Prodhomme
Senior ArtistPhilippe Aballea
GraphicsEric Seigaud, Frédéric Grillot, Jean-François Bruckner, Florent Bory, Hippolyte Riahi Souheil, Laurent Bertoux, Xavier Marquis
Motion Capture LeadValérie De Palma
Animation ManagerJosselin Authelet
AnimationsJean-François Szlapka, Laurent Helmlinger, Yvan Roche, Clément Castanier, Emmanuel Linot, Isaac Partouche, Christophe Cerutti, Damien Fagnou, Benoit Revilliod, Rachel Tassy, David Estevan, Iranji Pirouzi
Motion CaptureThomas Champon, Eric Krebs, Luc Loubat, Xavier Jacolot, Guillaume Aliquot, Abdenour Daoudi, Benoit Lasserre, Julien Joubert
Motion Capture Technical AdvisorStéphane Dalbera
Scripting ManagerSophie Buhl
ScriptJérôme Britneff-Bondy, Caroline Marchal, Nathalie Delga, Jean-François Boulanger, Steve Kniebihly
Sound FXXavier Despas
Sound VoiceJean-Jacques Toroella
Orchestral Score and Additional Music byAngelo Badalamenti
Additional Music byNormand Corbeil
Sound MusicFarid Russlan
Legal AccountancySandrine Grosselin, Elisabeth Fournier (P:C-P:C)
Network MaintenancyLoic Velasco (P:C-P:C)
Motion Capture ActorsNathalie Longeville, Cheyenne-Alexia Corre, Virginie Foucher, Gunther Germain, Frédéric Kontogom, Claude Hebraed, Eebra Toure, Matheo Capelli, David Cage, Loic Cancelier, Robin Cancelier, Sandrine Grosselin, Olivia Moreau, Charles Coutier, Steve Kniebihly
Stunts ChoreographerOlivier Schneider
StuntsPatrick Vo, Ksenia Zarouba, Philippe Guegan, Grégory Loffredo, Arnaud Maillard (Ice Skating), Claude Hebraed (Ice Skating), Thierry Obriot (Basketball Player), Ahore William (Basketball Player)
PupeteeringPascal Mesnier, Sophie Pelligri
Voice ScriptElisabeth Fournier
Voice ActorsDavid Gasman, Paul Bandey, Sharon Mann, Douglas Rand, Christian Erickson, Jodie Forrest, Matthew Geczy, Mike Marshall, Thomas Pollard, Barbara Scaff, James Shuman, Allan Wenger
Lead QANathalie Chody
QALuc Andriamizaka, Seng Cheam, Julien Colas, Matthieu Fléchaire, Axel Riviere
Special ThanksMy son Quentin, Christophe Ramboz, Philip Campbell
Written and Directed byDavid Cage
Developed With the Support ofLe Centre national de la cinématographie
DirectingDavid Cage, Steve Kniebihly, Jérôme Britneff-Bondy
Add Game DesignJérôme Britneff-Bondy, Caroline Marchal
MoviesCharles Coutier

Atari Europe

Republishing DirectorRebecka Pernered
Republishing Team LeaderSébastien Chaudat
Republishing ProducersGérard Barnaud, Maxime Loppin
Localisation Team LeaderLudovic Bony
Localisation Project ManagersKarine Vallet, Sophie Barnaud
Localisation Technical ConsultantDidier Flipo
Printed Materials Team LeaderCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project ManagerCéline Vilgicquel
Copy WriterVincent Hattenberger
MAM Project ManagerJenny Clark
Director Supply ChainAlain Fourcaud
Manufacturing CoordinatorsFanny Giroud, Mike Shaw, Jean Grenouiller, Elise Pierrel
Game Evaluation & Consulting ManagerDominique Morel
Evaluation & ConsultingJocelyn Cioffi, Jean-Yves Lapasset
Quality DirectorLewis Glover
Quality Control Project ManagerVincent Laloy
Certification Project ManagerLisa Gaillard
Product Planning Project ManagerSophie Wibaux-Meliet
Engineering Services ManagerPhilippe Louvet
Engineering Services ExpertStéphane Entéric
European Marketing DirectorCyril Voiron
European Brand ManagerLisa Humphries
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
European Head of CommunicationsJohn Tyrrell
European Communications ExecutiveAlistair Hatch
UK ‑ Product ManagerCharlotte Brown
France ‑ Product ManagerBeryl Gonnard
Germany ‑ Product ManagerStephan Pietsch
Italy ‑ Product ManagerAndrea Loiudice
Iberica ‑ Product ManagerLaura Aznar Bertran, Rodrigo De la Pedraja San José
Benelux ‑ Product ManagerJohan De Windt
Nordic ‑ Product ManagerNikke Lindner
Australia ‑ Product ManagerRaelene Knowles
Greece ‑ Product ManagerSpyros Stanistas
Switzerland - Product ManagerSimon Stratton
Israel ‑ Product ManagerNoam Weisberg

Music Credits

"No Surprise"Theory of a Deadman - Performer, Howard Benson (Producer), Chris Lord Alge (Mixer), Tyler Connolly (Music and Lyrics), David Brenner (Music and Lyrics), Dean Back (Music and Lyrics), Published by Theory Music Inc.
"Say Goodbye"Theory of a Deadman - Performer, Howard Benson (Producer), Chris Lord Alge (Mixer), Tyler Connolly (Music and Lyrics), David Brenner (Music and Lyrics), Dean Back (Music and Lyrics), Published by Theory Music Inc.
"No Way Out"Theory of a Deadman - Performer, Howard Benson (Producer), Chris Lord Alge (Mixer), Tyler Connolly (Music and Lyrics), David Brenner (Music and Lyrics), Dean Back (Music and Lyrics), Published by Theory Music Inc.
"Santa Monica"Theory of a Deadman - Performer, Howard Benson (Producer), Chris Lord Alge (Mixer), Tyler Connolly (Music and Lyrics), David Brenner (Music and Lyrics), Dean Back (Music and Lyrics), Published by Theory Music Inc.
"Love T.K.O."Teddy Pendergrass (Performer), Courtesy of Philadelphia International Records, Cecil Womack (Writer), Linda Womack (Writer)
"Sandpaper Kisses"Martina Topley-Bird (Performer/Writer), Courtesy of Independiente Ltd, Written by Critical/Bird & McGowan, Published by Chrysalis Music
"Try It Again"Bobby Byrd (Performer), Licensed courtesy of Glickman Entertainment Group Inc.
"Let It Crawl"Performed by Society's Bag, Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc., Published by Songsmith Music
"No Good Man"Nina Simone, Courtesy of Rhino Entertainment Group, Sammy Gallop, Irene Higginbotham, Dan Fisher, Published by Sony/ATV Tunes LLC, Published by Microhits Music Corp.
"Hang It Up"Patrice Rushen (Performer), Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group
"Street Tough"Ben E. King (Performer), Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group, Willie Hutch (Writer)
"Just An Illusion" (New 21st century version)Master courtesy of L.J. Music Ltd., Published by RedBus Music, Performed by Imagination, Leee John (Writer), Tony Swain (Writer), Steve Jolley, Ashley Ingram (Writer)

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