Written by  :  phorque (147)
Written on  :  Jun 16, 2007
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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Amazing and original in some aspects, sorely lacking in others

The Good

I liked this game for taking things in a new direction. I was a big fan of the "interactive movie" BioForge by Origin, but I now see all the things that it lacked. Indigo Prophecy has definitely moved things up a notch.

I found the so-called "intuitive" controls of Indigo Prophecy a very novel concept, something that I hope can be developed upon later. I didn't quite feel like I was really performing the actions, but I'd love to see somebody take this further in future releases.

Although I really didn't like some of the gameplay, I did particularly enjoy the sequences in which you have to control Carla's breathing in claustrophobic spaces and also solve simple puzzles at the same time. I wish there had been more! The time-based challenges were also very good at creating a sense of urgency.

The voice-acting, motion capture and general cinematic quality of the game are all superb. The action that takes place is really enjoyable and well directed. In almost every scene, the design and use of (sometimes multiple) camera angles is a treat for the eyes in some way.

The Bad

I found the challenge aspect of the game rather dull. The scenes were almost all easily figured out, because all you had to do was walk around until you found actions to perform. Some scenes/puzzles were almost insultingly simple, and the game just didn't really hold much compelling gameplay/puzzle-solving for me.

The arcade-y challenges were especially strange to me. I know I'm not much of a console gamer, but I really feel the DDR-esque action sequences and endurance button mashing didn't translate to the PC platform. With the exception of the claustrophobic Carla scenes, I felt they only distracted the player from the action (granted you can go back and watch them passively later, but still, they seemed trivial).

Despite vivid scenes and fantastic acting, the graphics didn't do them justice. The graphics didn't seem to be trying to do anything special, which I guess is because the developers were focusing on other aspects of the game. All the same, this detracts from the experience.

Finally, the final third of the story just goes completely off the rails. Major plot developments happen way too quickly at the end, and it seems like way too much was crammed in there. I was disappointed, because I would have liked to have seen some of the more fascinating aspects of the late plot explained in more detail.

The Bottom Line

Don't go into this game looking for gameplay is all I can say. I played the game on normal difficulty, and I think you've got to play it on difficult if you really want to feel challenged.

There's plenty of eye-candy in spite of the dated graphics, and the story is one of the best you'll see in a video game. Try to enjoy it as if it were a film as far as possible. Either way, play this game. It's flawed, but there's real innovation happening here.