Indigo Prophecy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading Screen
Animated Menu
Intro: Lucas Kane tells his story
Intro: It's snowing in New York
Intro: The place where it all begins
A corpse, and a cop just a door away
Has Lucas enough power to drag the corpse?
Cleaning up
Carla and Tyler arrive at the crime scene
Lucas Kane's flat is as desolate as his soul
Carla and NYPD in split screens
NYPD office
Tyler and Samantha sleeping
Carla Valenti in her apartment
Wine for two
Tyler's place
Tyler's dancing with Sam while you're playing, um, something like DDR
Cold, cold winter in New York
Lucas on the run
Beautifully arranged split screens
Strangely enough, the boss fight is right in the middle of the game
Better get ready now!
Lucas gains supernatural powers, it seems
This does look suspiciously like The Matrix
Difficult decision: will Tyler stay with Sam or leave?
Last Kiss? Or the first kiss of their new future?
Special movies can be unlocked with bonus points
Songs from the soundtrack can be unlocked with bonus points
Artwork can be unlocked with bonus points
Indigo Child