Written by  :  robin kearney (2)
Written on  :  Aug 02, 2002

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A great Industry game

The Good

This game is great because you get to make the things and then sell them instead of just doing one of those things in other games. It is very similar to Transport tycoon in the sense that you work with blocks of a map and use trucks trains ships and planes.

The Bad

unfortunately it is let down in places like the proportions of the goods, toy robots sell for about 5000 credits and cars about 30000 like saying 6 robots is worth one car! Also there is not many lorries or trains or goods so the game can get boring after a while. The computer players are not very clever, they always use the fastest trains for even tiny journeys which makes them overstocked and easy to beat.

The Bottom Line

This is overall a good strategy business simulation let down by a few glitches.