inMomentum Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The tutorial section
A room with an overview of the different power-ups in the tutorial.
Some spheres ahead on a narrow ledge.
Finally a red gate: checkpoint!
Level completed.
Level selection
Purple spheres mean you already collected them.
Passing a red gate.
This level is cramped and requires more strategy than speed.
A level with a green theme.
You can barely see the next platform in this level.
A level with bright colours
A gate ahead and I see no button to shoot.
A level with a bright, futuristic style
Gliding down a slope.
You can see the rest of the level in the distance.
The colours remind of Mirror's Edge
Look behind you and you see a faint trail.
Many small platforms grouped together.
Large columns that require a lot of climbing.
Playing with the third-person view
Setting up a multiplayer game.