Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Credits


Created byMichel Gagné, Joe Olson

Shadow Planet Productions, LLC

ManagerJoe Olson, Nancy Gagné

Gagne International, LLC

Artistic VisionMichel Gagné
CinematicsMichel Gagné
Concept ArtMichel Gagné
AnimationMichel Gagné
Finance ManagerNancy Gagné
Sound DesignAndrew Scott
Original Music CompositionAndrew Scott

Fuelcell, LLC

CEOJoe Olson
Business DevelopmentJoe Olson
Special FXJoe Olson
COOJonathan Peters
ProducerJonathan Peters
Level BuilderJonathan Peters
Creative DirectorJohn Scrapper
Technical ArtistJohn Scrapper
UI DesignJohn Scrapper, David Heutmaker
Art DirectorGarrett Smith
Level DesignGarrett Smith, Travis Phelps, Ryan Meyer, Chris Eng
Creature DesignGarrett Smith, Travis Phelps, Ryan Meyer, Chris Eng
Lead AnimatorTravis Phelps
ProgrammingDmitri Salcedo
Scenario DesignDmitri Salcedo
Streaming and Pipeline ScriptingDmitri Salcedo
Technical DirectorCorwin Light-Williams
Network ProgrammingCorwin Light-Williams
EngineeringThomas O'Connor, Troy Lawlor
Editor DesignThomas O'Connor
Gameplay ScriptingThomas O'Connor, Ryan Meyer, Chris Eng
Additional MusicTroy Lawlor
Additional Gameplay ScriptingKimberly Walker, Daniel Rosas
Additional ArtBryanna Lindsey (Bryanna Lindsay)


"Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Orchestral Version"Written by Dimmu Borgir, Performed By The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
"Eradication Instinct Defined - Orchestral Version"Written by Dimmu Borgir, Performed By The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Dimmu Borgir Apears courtesy ofProphecies Publishing, Nuclear Blast GmbH


Audio engineFMOD Sound System Ex by Firelight Technologies, Copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd., 1994‑2010
FxStudio byAristen
Lua 5.1.4 Copyright© 1994‑2010, PUC‑Rio
Bullet Continuous Collision Detection and Physics Library Copyright © 2003-2006Erwin Coumans,
7-Zip Copyright © 1991-2011Igor Pavlov
FCollada Copyright © 2006Feeling Software
libpng version 1.2.40, Copyrght © 2004, 2006-2009Glenn Randers-Pehrson
zlib Copyright © 1995-2004Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler
Special ThanksFXVille, Burrito Salcedo, The Pacific Inn, Showa Japanese Restaurant, DigiPen, Kayoko, Mike Hogue, Liz, Warren, Susan, Star and Nova, Luna, The  Boo, Laika, Dana West, Popcorn, John Scrapper, Betty Scrapper, Faye Hoerauf, Peter Carlson, Scarlett

Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

ProducerShawn Torin Rettig, Robby Zinchak, Scott Brodie
Creative DirectorCraig Ledski Leigh (Craig Leigh)
Executive ProducerPeter Choi
Test LeadNeil Widmaier (VMC)
Release ManagementJosh Mulanax, Tyler Keenan (Volt)
MarketingDaniel McConnell, Michael Wolf, John Dongelmans
Product PlanningCherie Lutz
Business TeamCherie Lutz
Director, MGS XBLA PublishingTed Woolsey

MGS First Party Central Teams

Test LeadJustin Swan
User Research EngineerMac Smith
Audio DirectorBoyd Post
User Research LeadChuck Harrison
Usability ResearcherAndy Su


Test ManagerScott R. Griffiths
Senior Test LeadJustin Davis, Anthony Tregre
MAT Test LeadBrian McCarty
MAT TesterChristopher Hodges
Test LeadJustin Davis
TesterAdam Long, Brett McGinnis, Brian Mishler, Brianna Gerrish, Carlton Hagler, Travis Banks
Additional Test SupportJohn Mercil, Tyler Vetter

Europe Localization Team

Project ManagerPadraig Keaney
Localization Test LeadJulien Cherqui
Localization EngineerMaosha Shi
Translation LeadMagali Lucchini

Asia Localization Team

Project ManagerShinya Muto
Production ManagerYuko Yoshida
Localization Test LeadYuichi Mizutani
Localization EngineerMunetaka Fuse, Hiroshi Hosoda


Special ThanksMark Coates, Oliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo
© 2011Shadow Planet Productions

PC Team - Additional Credits - Fuelcell, LLC

EngineeringAlan Wolfe
QA LeadDan Bruington
Additional Music CompositionDan Bruington

Microsoft Studios

Test LeadNeil Widmaier (Xtreme)
Release ManagementShogo Ishii (Teksystems), Tyler Keenan (Xtreme)
Lead ProducerKevin Hathaway
Product ManagerDaniel McConnell
Community ManagerAlex Herbert
Test Lead (Asia Localization)Changseon Ha
User Research EngineerMac Smith
User Research LeadChuck Harrison
Usability ResearcherAndy Su
Milestone Acceptance TesterBrian McCarty (Xtreme)
Additional Test SupportWilliam Mackey, Jared Barnhill
Special ThanksOliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo, Matt Golz, Daniel Smith


Senior Test LeadLloyd Bell
Test LeadByron R. Monzon (Byron Monzon)
Software Test EngineerKimberlee Lyles
Software Development Engineer in TestValeriy Novytskyy (Val Novytskyy)
Test AssociatesMichael Arvat, Josh Breese, April Culberson, Jason Fox, Clayton K. Hopper, Matthew Howells, Alan Hume, Youngmin Kim, Kevin Lourigan, Tyler Lovemark, Risë Lugo, Ryan Naegeli, Isaac Price, Masha Reutovski, Bradley Shockey, Jonathan Tote, Marc Williams, Gillian Williams, Jefferey Woito, Tyler Young

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