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Sometimes we seek a game that is a little bit different and fresh, yet at the same time we want to relish a game with the playability of a retro classic. This combination, which may seem unlikely to exist in a single title, is exactly what we get from Crackpot Entertainment’s Insecticide: Part 1. The game sets upon creating a new kind of gaming experience by intermixing 2 tried but radically dissimilar gameplay styles. This is done not just for the sake of offering an eye-catching gimmick, but for the need to better reflect the game’s story and the player’s involvement in it. The end result is a game that offers a slice of good, old-fashioned fun presented in a novel, unusual way, leaving the player yearning for more.
Cheat Code Central (Jul, 2008)
Offering only a few meager hours of gameplay, it's hard to understand why Episode 1 was not released in conjunction with the second half. It's an extremely short experience that drops players off at a somewhat baffling spot in the adventure. The quality of the characters and gritty charm of the seedy underbelly of Troi is enough to keep players engaged when the gameplay wears thin, but we'll have to wait until the arrival of Episode 2 for the final verdict. Up to this point, it appears Insecticide is a reasonably good game unnecessarily sliced in twain.
IGN (Jul 03, 2008)
You can tell a lot of heart was put into the making of Insecticide. The graphics, sound, music, and overall presentation are well done. Crackpot Entertainment is composed of former LucasArts adventure team members and it shows. You can tell these people love the adventure genre enough to want to update it with action elements for the new generation. Unfortunately, the action segments of the game, while not terrible, aren't seamlessly integrated into the game which makes Insecticide feel like a mixed bag. The transitions between the action parts and adventure parts, or lack thereof, feel jerky and needs a more subtle implementation. However, if you love Pixar-type movies, action/adventure games, then Insecticide is definitely worth a look.
GamePlasma (Jul 17, 2008)
At a suggested retail price of $14.99 and the promise of Part 2 there is not much to lose by trying out Insecticide as the price is very favorable compared to other PC games. Even though the platforming and adventure portions of the game are not as polished as they could be, if you can enjoy the story and the humor, then I would recommend giving Insecticide a chance. If the thought of a long string of puns and switching between simplified gameplay elements does not appeal to you, however, then you can easily skip this game. However, for a few hours of entertainment you could do much worse.
The Next Level (Jul 27, 2008)
This PC release has demystified Insecticide in a lot of ways. This is a title that will charm the pants off just about anyone, and now it has some perfectly solid gameplay to back it up, but it really is more style than substance. It's a simple, repetitive third-person shooter, with wimpy weapons and not much intensity. It isn't a great shooter, and it's not a great adventure game, but it wraps it all up with a wink and a smile that makes it very hard to resist. It might fall short of true excellence, but it's great to see more than just wasted potential.
Gaming Target (Jul 16, 2008)
Insecticide is an enjoyable, but short experience that you'll finish in five or six hours. Its adventure sequences are decent, but chances are you won't be talking about them around the water cooler on Monday morning. If the platform sequences likewise so-so with flashes of brilliance, they're redeemed by the climactic ending which pits Chrys against dozens of robot bugs while trying to defuse a bomb, dodge a giant mechanical spider, and destroy a series of electrical transformers. That, plus the cliffhanger ending, might just be enough to bring players back for the second installment.
Adventure Gamers (Aug 04, 2008)
There are certainly some positive elements in Insecticide that make it worth a look, mainly in the classic “adventure” half of its action-adventure gameplay. The trouble is, that’s only half of what is only half a game to begin with. Even if you’re willing to put up with the lackluster action portions for the sake of the attractive art design, strong soundtrack, groan-inducing puns, and inherent charm of the characters and game world, it’s still hard to recommend Part 1 before the second and final episode is released. The first instalment is diverting enough while it lasts, but it won’t last long, so unless you’ve got ants in your pants, you should probably wait a mite bit longer for the completion of the story still to come.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2008)
You'll never stop smiling while playing Insecticide Part 1. But even though you'll have a friendly, likable enough experience with this winning story and setting, the actual gameplay disappointingly blends the old fashioned with the awkward. Spending a little more time refining the platform levels--or just ditching them entirely--would be a good idea for Part 2.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 27, 2008)
Rund 24 Euro werden Insecticide Part 1 und 2 zusammen kosten. Eine Menge Geld für ein kurzes, maximal mittelmäßiges Spiel. Ich habe nichts gegen Episodenformate, Sam & Max zeigen, wie es geht. Aber hier wurde ein fertiges Spiel zerschnitten, nur um beim Kunden doppelt zu kassieren. Zahlen wir bald für jeden Level einzeln? Vielleicht keine ganz schlechte Idee, wenn dann auch Preis und Qualität stimmen - hier passt nichts von beidem.
Priced at just under 15 dollars and offering about eight hours of gameplay, the first episode of Insecticide gives gamers a title that unsuccessfully fuses together action and puzzle solving, with the puzzles given more loving attention than the action. That’s a pity, because the characters, story, and setting all indicate a labor of love in recreating the various elements of detective stories.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul 30, 2008)
Das Spiel besitzt zwei Gesichter, eines davon ist der Adventure-Part: In etwa der Hälfte der Levels erkundet man Tatorte, sammelt Beweisstücke, spricht mit Zeugen. Das ist insgesamt nicht schlecht gemacht, aber zu langatmig, zu leicht und ohne echten Rätselspaß. Die andere Seite des Spiels besteht aus simplen Actionpassagen. Man hüpft über die Dächer der Stadt, ballert Feinde weg, sammelt Lebenspunkte auf - schon der erste Level verliert so nach wenigen Minuten seinen Reiz. Part 1, der erste Teil des Episodenspiels, bietet einige Stunden Spielzeit zum fairen Preis und ist nur als englischsprachige Download-Version erhältlich. Mehr Infos auf der offiziellen Seite
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 28, 2008)
Psychonauts in een insectenwereld? You wish! Verdient enkel een pak slaag met de vliegenmepper.
CanardPC (Jul 22, 2008)
À 14 euros, ce petit jeu à l’ambiance réussie aurait pu être une bonne surprise et une alternative aux Sam & Max. C’était sans compter une maniabilité aux fraises, des graphismes de PSP, un ennui omniprésent et des énigmes dont la solution est évidente mais les moyens pour y arriver frôlent l’absurdité. Franche-ment, gardez vos 14 euros pour mettre 10 litres d’essence dans votre caisse et branchez le pot d’échappement sur une fourmilière, vous vous poilerez bien plus qu’avec Insecticide.