Insecticide: Part 1 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The game starts with a commercial for the Nectarola soft drink.
Here she is, our hero Chrys Liszt.
The first level starts with some basic platforming.
Meeting an enemy bug.
He's spitting on me.
You'll find bombs scattered around the maps.
Shootout in an office complex.
This guy doesn't seem too happy to see me.
The boss of the squad, Chief Chigger.
Chrys' and Roachy's workplace
The case files shows information about everything you find in the game.
Here's my partner, Roachy Carruthers. Hungry as always.
Meeting with the Ms Quinbee, the president of the Nectarola Company.
That's also a wayto kill a man, or a bug.
A robotic bee. I need to make it move, so I can reach the stairs.
Trying to use a paper clip to open the lock.