Interstate '76 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro Shot, Like a 70's TV Show
Taurus, Groove (You) and Jade
Is it a game or a movie?
Download Gold Edition Patch (80 mb!) and I76 supports 3Dfx and Direct 3D
Malochio killed Jade, it's Time for Revenge
Starting a multiplayer game (window mode)
The options menu, Nice details!! (window mode)
Starting & configuring an Auto Melee (window mode)
Configuring your car (window mode)
Map of the 1st mission, drawn on brown paper bag
Your Picard Piranha (window mode)
A gasstation
A dragster with 50 cal. Turret (Direct 3D)
Missiles (fired by Chopper) explode
Killing the busdriver with handgun (D 3D)
AMZ Leprechaun is flying after a BIG jump
My car has taken a lot of damage (see displays)
Following Taurus (the trip) in Picard Piranha (D 3D)
Following Taurus (the trip) in hacked Phaedra Clydesdale (see tips)!!
Psycho Cop fires at tank filled with propane
Groove and Taurus having a slurpee at the Gas 4 Cash during a cut-scene at the start of "The Trip"
Talking to Taurus on the radio while arriving at Seagraves to defend the Wagon Wheel Diner from some Creepers
About to kill a Creeper in an ABX Strider defending the Bar-D in scene 3 of "The Trip"
After every mission you can salvage parts & weapons from the cars of Creepers you've killed (bottom part of the screen) and add them to the inventory of your buddy Skeeter's van (top of the screen)
Racing Patriot and some other Creepers at Dick Burnetti's Super Track during a weird dream
Taurus left for dead in his Jefferson Sovereign, called Eloise, by Antonio Malochio. Guess who's job it is to save the day?
With the Oil Well Road bridge out, you'll need to jump across the canyon to get to Fisher's Field. Using nitrous oxide makes the jump easier
Talking to your friend Skeeter. Skeeter is a mechanic and you can let him repair car-parts & weapons during missions, so that they are available for the next mission
In one of the night missions Groove heads to Brownfield to get some gas, but a creeper named Cloaker is trying to blow up all the gas stations. You need to protect the Gas Parade
These cops have set up a road block on the road to Plains. They've been bribed to take you out.
The cops even bring in a chopper to stop you. Use missiles to take it out
Chasing down Calisto on the dirt roads near the border between Texas and New Mexico
Groove and Taurus relaxing on the hood of Groove's Picard Piranha in front of Skeeter's van, which holds your inventory
Crossing the Pecos River, New Mexico. The settings of the missions are based on real-world locations
Approaching Roswell. Flying Saucers are mandatory
Another night mission. Blowing up the V&N Pneumatics building with two 7.62 mm machine guns
A kamikaze Strider hits a landmine, which I dropped to defend Spanner's Truck Stop
Skeeter admiring the world's largest robot at Nebula Burger
Finding Ft. Davis means finding a route through the Mesa maze which is filled with Creepers and pumpjacks
Up close with a Creeper in a Courcheval Courchelle during one of the instant action missions

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