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Written by  :  Zamppa (102)
Written on  :  May 23, 2003
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Six years after the original game things have changed... or have they?

The Good

As an Interstate '76 fan, it's almost impossible to play this sequel without comparing the two. On the good side, the graphics engine has been improved a lot. The graphis in general look good compared to the successor, and if you put the two head to head you can really see the three years of age between them.

The cars have also been remodelled and there are more than a dozen of new models including models that have clearly been copied from european makes(including Porsche and Saab). There are also more guns more levels, well, more of almost everything. BUT...

The Bad

as a fan of the older game Activision has really spoiled the old version. First of all, the playability is... well... it's hard to describe. The cars act somewhat realistically but driving the cars just ain't fun. And don't get me started on the walking mode... The combat ain't that fun either. The reason? Read further...

Second, the new stuff. When you add new ingredients the soup gets either better or a whole lot worse. This time it's the latter. Activision spoiled the novelty of realism by adding in new stuff that just doesn't make any sense. Industrial cutting lasers? Fitted into cars? Back in '82? Puh-leaze... And most of the regular guns have been spoiled too, usually by bad ammo levels. For example, shooting with miniguns is more like shooting with sniper rifle as they don't have even nearly enough ammo for the longer missions.

The campagn is spoiled throughoutly. Some missions are fun, but then there are those missions that you try four or five times and then you feel like throwing the game into the bottom of a lake. They have also scrapped the salvage system I loved, and now you only get money from wrecking other cars. What's the fun in that? And with money you can buy anything. Even in the bottom of an old mine...

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, the game just ain't as fun as the old one. The graphics and the sounds are OK, but the game just ain't fun to play. If you bought the game then you play it through once... And at least I didn't enjoy it too much... And then you throw the game to the back of a shelf and forget the whole game.

If you haven't played the old Interstates, you might enjoy this one. If you liked the original gameplay and the feeling of the '76, don't even touch this thing with a long stick...