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Iron Warriors: T72 - Tank Command (Windows)

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Iron Warriors: T72 - Tank Command Credits

Crazy House

IdeaYuri Likhota, Oleg Vasilchenkov
Project ManagerYuri Likhota
Technical Project ManagerOleg Vasilchenkov
Assistant ManagersVladimir Zayarny, Nikolai Ponomarenko
Game DirectorMikhail Novikov
Leading ProgrammerAndrey Zuyev
ProgrammersOleg Vasilchenkov, Roman Yatzenko, Dmitry Gapon, Yuri Rudenko
Additional ProgrammingTaras Ponomarenko
Concept DesignerDmitry Chuikov
DesignersMikhail Ivanenko, Sergey Yashin, Andrei Chaika, Yuri Pestov, Yuri Garazha, Vladislav Juzvikov
Composer and Sound DirectorDmitry Astretzov
VoicesAleksey Rubinskiy, Mikhail Ozerov, Dmitry Astretzov
Internal TestingMikhail Novikov, Yuri Shakin, Aleksey Tuzhilin, Dmitry Yashin
Story ByAleksey Bessonov
T‑72 ConsultantSergey Borodai
Office ManagerViktoria Krylova
DriverSergey Soloviev
LocalizationArtem Nabatov, Aleksey Tuzhilin, Victor Savateev, Dmitry Tambovtzev, Vladimir Mazur

IDDK Group (Russian publisher)

ProducerDmitry Demenchoock
Art DirectorAlexander Karetnikov
PR ManagerDmitry Kovalev

Battlefront.com (worldwide publisher)

Lead Programmer, Co‑FounderCharles Moylan
Lead Designer, Co‑FounderStephen Grammont
The Guy Nothing Would Work WithoutMatt Faller
Lead Artist / 3D ArtistDan Olding
2D ArtistFernando J. Carrera Buil
PresidentMartin van Balkom
English version testersTim Orosz, Craig Harvey, Matt Faller, Martin van Balkom, Rainer Rohde, Jason Ballantyne, Stephen Hines, Dima Stepanchuk

Strategy First

PresidentDon McFatridge
Senior V.P.Brian Clarke
V.P. Product DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V.P. SystemsDave Hill
Business Development ManagerProkopios Sotos
Executive ProducerJay Podilchuk
Associate ProducerBrock Beaubien, Danny Kodais
Localization ManagerBrock Beaubien
Technical CoordinatorDanny Kodais
Manufacturing CoordinatorEman Wall
Product ManagerEman Wall
Graphic DesignLes Parsons
Tech SupportJulia Herten-Greaven
Sales ManagerMaria Loreto

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