Iron Warriors: T72 - Tank Command (Windows)

Iron Warriors: T72 - Tank Command Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu, with a rotating wheel gear for atmosphere.
Part of the diary section, where you get the basic storyline and detailed stats for the campaign.
Driving to an ambush position in a scavenged T-34, complete with cracked speedometer.
External view of the T-34 en route to ambush.
This Sherman is in for the surprise of its life when it runs into our ambush.
Ground dust and barrel flame obscuring the view, but this is the kill shot for the Sherman.
Preparing to escort a convoy, this time in a T-55.
Contour map used while in-game for navigation and battle planning.
The two armor piercing rounds that hit this Super Sherman went clean through, as the after-mission statistics feature shows via vectors.
T-72 using its turret stabilization to full effect while charging along with targets to be shot at.
Pillars of smoke in the distance indicating kills, although my T-72 took one heck of a beating in turn, as the vectors on the tank show.
Panel of a T-72