Island Realms Credits (Windows)

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Island Realms Credits


Executive ProducerKirill Plotnikov
Art ProducerMaxim Mihaelis


DirectorAlexey Meleshkevich
Lead DeveloperSergey Khovansky
DeveloperSergey Leyko ('LeyS')
Art DirectorDzianis Baranouski
ArtistsAlexandr Pribylov, Andrew Seleznev, Gilda Della-Rossa ('Jika'), Nicolay Sviridovich ('Amp'), Alexander Alexandrov, Alexander Luhanin ('Sansa'), Stanislav Dovlyashevich ('Stason'), Oleg Pavlov ('Ramittep'), Maxim Mihalev
Game DesignerOleg Shalnev
ComposerSergey Khmelevsky
Music ProducerArtem Galytzyn

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