Written by  :  kbmb (435)
Written on  :  Feb 05, 2003
Platform  :  Windows

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Sort of like the classic "Driver"...sort of.

The Good

Most games based on movies I think are pretty dumb. They always try to expand upon what the movie was about. Though it seems reasonable (afterall, if we wanted to "play" a "movie" we'd be playing Myth, right?), it's usually executed very poorly. While this is the case with The Italian Job, it's still remarkably entertaining in most aspects. Those looking to replay the movie will certainly be disappointed, as well as those hoping to find...well...some similarity between the movie and the game aside from annoying British accents.

Personally, I think this game's worst flaw is the name. It's based on the movie, but only in the name and general direction. It shouldn't have been, because frankly, the game hardly captures the feeling the movie had. It raised peoples' expectations and left them disappointed.

But if you've never seen the movie, and want to play a really fun driving game, I think The Italian Job will satisfy you.

In The Italian Job (the game), you play through a series of about twenty missions, each one involving you driving somewhere around three different locations. Most missions are timed, and most involve you having to lose the cops in the winding traffic-filled streets and alleyways. Sounds a bit like Driver, and plays very similar to Driver.

The cities you drive around in are quite large, and as you go from mission to mission, you might notice some locations you visited in previous missions. The streets are filled with cars that'll get in your way (or get in the way of the cops tailing you) and on the sidewalks you'll find pedestrians walking about. There are plenty of garbage cans and other dynamic objects for you to smash and make a ruckus with, as well as jumps and interesting "shortcuts" that add an entertaining twist on the missions.

Handling is VERY forgiving. Ridiculously so. This can be a good or bad thing, but I know it saved me plenty of times from certain doom.

There are a few extra game modes to play, for those who don't want to follow the storyline. It's great to compete with friends over high scores.

Heeyyy that little car from the is in the game!

The Bad

Oohh lots of things. But most of the things wrong with this game are related to the movie. I wanted to play a game that was just like the movie, and I was let down big time. But after giving it some time, I grew to enjoy it.

First of all, the game is nothing like the movie. Oh, I've made that point?

The game is not realistic in any way whatsoever.

The British accents are annoying.

The music is horrible.

The missions are not that diverse.

You can be parked right next to a cop and not get "knicked", but sometimes you'll be driving thirty miles an hour and get "knicked" (damn British terms!)

The AI is awful.

The Bottom Line

If you like games similar to "Driver", you'll enjoy The Italian Job. It is a fun game if you don't take it too seriously, but this one isn't going to win any awards.

Those expecting it to be like the movie will be disappointed.