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Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge Credits

Hypnos Entertainment

Producer & DesignerMichael Franco
Lead Programmer & Code MagicianScott C. DeFretas
Programmer & Project LeaderFred Ehnow
ProgrammersLarry St. Lezin, Dennis Clark, Jeff R. DeFreitas
Art DirectorDale Mauk
AnimatorPaul Effinger
ArtistsAndy Buecker, Eric Calande
Course LayoutScott Chesney, Brian Silvernail
Executive ProducerChristelle Calande


Produced byJohn Cibulski
Additional ProducerJonathan Knight
Senior Product ManagerPeter Karpas
Associate Product ManagerJames Gottlieb
PublicistMichelle Schroder
AudioMichael B. Schwartz, Brian Bright
VideoChristopher Hepburn, Ken Ramirez
DocumentationMichael Rivera, Sylvia Orzel, John Cibulski
QA LeadDavid Baker
Senior QA Project LeadsCurtis Shenton, Eric Zala
TestersDamien Fischer, Gene Bahng, Heather C. Keiser, Chris Galvin, Brelan Duff, David B. Marling, Brian Ullmer, Matthew McClure
Production TestersAaron Gray, Steve Rosenthal, Steven Elwell
LocalizationsSandi Isaacs, Jonathan Eubanks
Beta TestersSue Lane, Scott Antes, Joseph J. Habiger, Craig Tompkins, Brad Fregger, Brian Silvernail, Scott Chesney, Bill Permenter, Jeremy Silva, Steve Opfer, John McMillan, Shane Brewer, Bruce Horne, Kenneth F. Baker, Adam Novellano
This game is dedicated to the memory ofRobert H. Whitehead
Special Thanks ToJack Nicklaus, Barbara Nicklaus, Mitch Lasky, Robert Kotick, Brian Kelly, Ron Doornink, Derek Guillermo McLeish, Maryanne Lataif, Terry Jastrow, Mike Pithey, Jim Nantz, Eric Johnson, Ronald Scott, Bill Anker, Alan Gershenfeld, Scott Lahman, George Rose, James Riordan, Thaine Lyman, Jim Summers, David Arnspiger, Jonathan Moses, Jason Wong, Sean Dunn, J. Tyler Scott, Sam Nouriani, Rodney Stephens, Philippe Erwin, Howard Schwartz Recording, Aerometric, Jeremy Silva, Brian Bezdek, Greg Weber, House of Moves Motion Capture Studios, Jarrod Phillips, Julia Wesley, Andrew Hunold, Kevin Gliner, Henk Hartong, Andy O'Brien, Marilyn Keough

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