Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is the main menu screen
These screen shots are taken from a three hole demo version of the game that's set on the Cochise course
In the full game there are more golfers to play with. The player can even create their own golfer. In this demo the player plays as Big Jack Nicklaus
The game has detailed stats on each hole on each course. This game has not been played yet so all values are zero
The game preferences screen is functional. It allows the player to set the screen resolution and the level of detail used in the display. This section allows colour preferences to be tweaked
On the tee of the 1st hole. The two green arrows on the grass allow Jack's stance to be altered which effectively aims the shot. The picture of Jack in the lower left means that there's a tip waiting
Moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen reveals the menu bar. The Aiming tool, that's the curved red arrow next to the black & yellow pole, shows the flight of the ball and where it should land
The ball on a tee icon brings up the shot type menu bar. It's important for this shot to select the full swing option or else the ball won't travel very far.
This is the swing meter. It's mouse driven. Click 1 starts the swing and the player must click again when the power bar is in each red zone to set the ideal power for the shot
The shot has been taken and, thankfully its a good one. All screen clutter disappears while the ball is in flight.
Wherever the ball lands the player gets a cinematic view of it coming to earth ...
... closely followed by the option to retake the shot and the return of the screen clutter
The blue/orange menu bar icon is the Flag Finder function. It shows the player where the flag is when the flag is not actually visible
So a lob shot has been selected and this is the anticipated flight path
This shot shows the swing meter in operation. There is an orange line at the top of the swing but the player missed the final click at the bottom of the swing
In the bunker and hoping to escape with a 'bump and run' shot. The grid icon on the menu bar, second in from the left, reveals the lie of the ground.
After a few failures Jack is on the green lining up his final put
Eventually the ball is in the hole as is confirmed by this screen
The on screen clutter can be dragged around into a position to suit the player. It can also be turned on or off via the menu bar
The scorecard can be accessed at any time.